Onboarding Guide

Onboarding gets a bad reputation, but it doesn't need to be difficult or painful. Treat this guide like an overview, we've listed out common terms you'll hear, settings you'll need during setup, and common processes you'll run.


Common Terms

There are a few Ordergroove-specific terms you're going to hear a lot in our documentation:


You login to Ordergroove to manage customers, orders, the subscription program, and more. Sometimes referred to as the Ordergroove Admin. Note: Orders are still passed to your eCommerce platform for fulfillment.

Subscription Enrollment

The widget Ordergroove adds to your store's product details page (PDP) that has an option to purchase your product as one-time, or as a subscription.

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Subscription Manager

The self-service page customers use to manage their subscriptions. You can style it to match your store, and modify what customers can do here - for example adding products to future orders, changing a future order date, or cancelling items.

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Ordergroove Overview

There's a lot you can do in your Ordergroove Admin. A Tour of Ordergroove has a short video walkthrough of each of the tabs on the main navigation and what they do.


Customer Service Tasks

Modifying Customers and Orders

You can modify customers, orders, and subscriptions in Ordergroove. Here's how:

Business Admin Tasks

Setting up your Subscription Program

Your subscription program - the products you offer on subscription, the term, the discount, and more - are all managed in Ordergroove.

Modifying the Customer Experience

The parts of Ordergroove that your customers interact with, Subscription Enrollment and Subscription Manager, can be customized to fit your brand. You can add and remove options, and update the styling to match your theme. 

Transactional Emails

Ordergroove, or a partner integration, will automatically send your customer emails when they take certain actions like subscribing, changing an upcoming order, adding items, and cancelling.

Additional Tools and Settings

There are a few additional features we recommend reading up on before you launch your program:

  • Credit Card Retries - Ordergroove will automatically retry failed payments, but you can modify the settings and cadence
  • Promotions - Discounts and incentives play a big part of enticing customers to subscribe.
  • PDP Upsell - Allows existing subscribers to add items to their upcoming subscription orders.
  • SKU Swap - Allow customers to change their subscription product without canceling their subscription and starting a new one from scratch.
  • Combination Savings - Automatically combine orders that will ship close to each other, to save you and the customer shipping.


We're here to help, if you have any questions about Ordergroove, setting up anything mentioned above, or best practices please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or our support team and we'll help get you setup.