Instant Upsell

Product Page (PDP) Upsell, previously Instant Upsell (IU), is a feature that allows existing subscribers to add items to their upcoming subscription orders as either a one-time delivery or as a new subscription. If an item is eligible for subscription, the subscriber can add it via Instant Upsell, either as a one-time delivery or a subscription.
If an item is not eligible for subscription, it can still be added via the IU feature, but the subscriber will be restricted to adding it as a one-time delivery.

Note: The recurring discount you set for your program is applied to all Instant Upsell products, regardless if the customer chooses a one-time or subscription purchase.


Instant Upsell only applies to stores that use Ordergroove-hosted offers. If you are on a legacy or custom installation, this can still apply to your store as long as you don't host your own offers. Please reach out to support if you have any questions.

If you host your own offers, you'll need to use the API, take a look at Instant Upsell through API for more information.

Overall Experience

When a customer is logged in and has an upcoming order, Ordergrove can serve an Instant Upsell offer in place of your standard opt-in on your Product Details Page or Quick View modal.

The Instant Upsell Customer Opt-In Experience

  • The customer will see the Instant Upsell button upon page load, instead of the offer, if they match the above criteria, displayed as an Add this to my order button. 


  • Upon clicking the Add this to my order button, the customer will be presented with a modal to add the item as a one-time purchase or to subscribe for recurring orders.


  • After clicking Add to Order button, the customer will see a success confirmation message in the place where they previously saw the Add this to my order button and will be given the option to view their upcoming order, which will lead the customer to their Subscription Manager page, via the View Upcoming Order button.


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