For your subscription program to succeed, it must incentivize customer conversion through program content and marketing that demonstrates its value. By doing this, you can create a long-lasting relationship with your subscriber base by making your program high-convenience and high-value.

Ordergroove's platform offers several different promotion options which can be swapped or modified at any time to determine what works best for your customers. This article will provide detailed explanations of the promotions you can offer to your customers and how to configure each of them within Ordergroove.

Promotion types

The following promotions are the most frequently used promotions to incentivize subscribing. They are available out of the box and are available for all customers to configure within Ordergroove fully. 

  • Subscription Discounts
    Applies a percentage or dollar amount deducted from the product price, order subtotal, or shipping cost.
    • A percentage (%) or set dollar amount ($) off the base price of an item based on the price sent in the product feed.
    • A percentage (%) or set dollar amount ($) off an order subtotal.
    • Flat rate or free shipping.

  • Free Shipping and with Threshold
    Applies free shipping once the customer has reached a minimum threshold. This requires a flat rate for shipping to be set. 
  • Best Deal Guaranteed
    Sets lookback window of (included) days in which Ordergroove will track product pricing and display the best price over that set period of days. Customers can only access those prices provided by you via the product feed, as Ordergroove does not translate deals, coupons, or promotion feeds.

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