Deleting customers from Ordergroove

You can delete customers from Ordergroove with the new Customer Removal tool. In this quick overview, we'll go through how you can search for and delete data using the tool.


Before you start

The Customer Removal tool uses a Customer ID, also known as Merchant User ID in Ordergroove's exports, to search for and delete information. The Customer ID is a unique identifier we pull from your eCommerce platform.

You can find the Customer ID in your eCommerce platform under the customer's profile. In Ordergroove, you can find the ID by searching for an individual subscriber in Ordergroove > Data > Customers, or export multiple customers into a CSV spreadsheet through Data Exports.

Warning: Deleting customers is final, and can not be reversed. Please be cautious and use your best judgment when applying the Customer Privacy tool.


Deleting customers

With the customer(s) in mind to delete, you can remove their data in Ordergroove.

  1. Open up your Ordergroove Admin, and go to Settings > Customer Removal.
  2. Search for the customer(s) you want to delete using their Customer ID. You can search up to 10 customers at a time by splitting each Customer ID with Commas (,). Take a look at the image below for an example.
  3. Click Delete Data on the right. A popup will ask you to CONFIRM the deletion. If you're certain you have the right customer to remove, type in CONFIRM and click DELETE.



Why would I want to delete customer data?

The main reason you might delete customer data is for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance. GDPR is an European Union regulation that requires businesses to delete all customer data if the customer requests it.

How does deleting customer data affect my analytics?

The deleted customer's data will no longer appear in data exports, instead you will see Overwrite for subscriber actions and personally identifiable data. Subscriptions and revenue will still show up in aggregated reports. The individual is gone, but your overall revenue and shipments will still remain consistent.

Does Ordergroove send out an email notification when a customer is deleted?

No, Ordergroove does not alert a customer if their information has been deleted. If you want to contact the customer, you will have to reach out manually.