On-Demand Data Exports Overview

Ordergroove offers several reports for exporting a list of your customer, subscription, and order data. This article discusses how to access on-demand exports and the types of reports available.


Accessing the Data Reports Page

Reports are run on the Data Reports page, which you can access by going through Analytics.

  1. Log in to your Ordergroove Admin.
  2. Hover over Data on the top toolbar and click Reports.
  3. Click the Create Report button on the right-hand side.


We can run reports and export data from here in the Data Reports page. This main report page also shows the status and progress of your generated reports. Once finished, reports will export raw data in the form of a CSV spreadsheet file. 

  • CSV spreadsheets are split up into rows and columns. Each individual row represents one unique subscription or order, depending on the report.
  • You can add or remove the columns, data fields, to focus on relevant data.
  • Data Exports can be filtered by timeframe, products subscribed to, and specific statuses like Successful and Cancelled

Downloading Personal Information

Some of the exports contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as First Name or Email Address. Ordergroove marks these fields with a blue highlight while you build your report, ensuring that you are always aware of the sensitive data you are working with.

To download a report with PII, there is one additional step: we require 2-factor authentication. Once you create the report, Ordergroove will email you a unique URL. Click that link, you'll be redirected back to your Ordergroove Admin, and the download will still start.

Here is an example of what a report with PII looks like:


Available Reports

Ordergroove has a number of pre-built reports that are ready to go. The reports are pre-filtered to include a particular subset of data columns relevant for analysis. While you can choose to download the default report, you can also adjust any report to include additional data columns and filters. There are three types of reports available, Subscription Level Reports, Order Level Reports, and Subscriber Level Reports.


Subscription Level Reports

Subscription Level reports focus exclusively on subscriptions, based on the subscriber status. They contain details such as subscriber name, product details, subscription frequency and quantity, price, order history, cancellation reasons, and more. For more information, take a look at Subscription Level Reports.

Note: The legacy Subscription Cancelled report is now a Subscription Level Report.

Order Level Reports

Order Level Reports cover the same material as Subscription Level Reports, but also include order information like one-time products. These reports contain the order placement date, subscriber name, product details, associated price details like cost of order items, order subtotal after discounts applied, and more.

Order Level Reports can also export a future projection of subscriptions and orders based on your historical data. For more information take a look at Order Level Reports.

Note: The legacy Inventory report is now an Order Level Report.  

Subscriber Level Reports

Subscriber Level Reports provide a list of active subscribers in your program with associated details. They contain details such as subscriber name, email as well as an overview of their subscription counts and products. For more information, take a look at Subscriber Level Reports.


⚠️ Note

Deleted customers, and their associated actions, will display as Overwrite in your reports. Take a look at Deleting Customers for more information.

If you don't see the View Reports button or any of the reports listed, please send us an email at help@ordergroove.com.