Configuring Your Subscription Settings

You can modify subscription settings like frequencies and shipping through Subscription Settings.

Note: Review these changes carefully before saving them as they control critical functions of your subscription program.

Subscription Settings

  • Program Name: The customer-facing name used to market your subscription program
  • MSI (Subscription Manager) URL: The URL path for your Subscription Manager page — for example, if the URL is https://<your_website>.com/subscriptions, this input should be /subscriptions
  • Auth URL: The URL path for your authentication page 
  • Auth Type: The authentication method used for your subscription program. In most cases, this will be an iframe.
  • IU Banner Button URL: The URL for the IU button that shows on your Subscription Manager for customers with no active subscriptions. Typically this is a "Shop Now" button linking customers to your products.


Available Frequencies

The frequency options that render within the Subscription Manager and enrollment offers, unless using advanced offer configuration.


Quantity Control Configuration

  • Quantity Control Type: This allows you to set minimum and maximum quantity options or configure a quantity dropdown menu for users in the Subscription Manager at the program level.
  • Input Field: By default, the quantity option will be displayed as an input field within the Subscription Manager. The customer will be able to enter numeric text to adjust their subscription quantity based on the minimum and maximum quantity parameters you have enabled. For example, if you set a maximum quantity of 3, customers will not be able to input a higher quantity value for subscriptions.


  • Dropdown Menu: Upon clicking on the default "Input Field" option, you will see a menu with an option for a "Dropdown menu." This feature will display a dropdown menu on the Subscription Manager, program-wide, with the values you have configured. You can add, delete, and edit the quantity dropdown options a user will interact with.


Vault Customer Payment

  • Vault Customer Payment: You will tokenize customer payment methods and send those tokens to Ordergroove to to identify the vaulted payment stored in your eCommerce platform that will be used for recurring subscription orders. Setting this to "on" will enable a link the Subscription Manager. By setting the "Link Externally" setting to "on", you can define the URL that this link will direct to, to allow customers to update their payment method.
  • Note that you should also confirm that Ordergroove is receiving updates if a customer updates their payment method - depending on your platform, this may be automated or require configuration. Please refer to your integration guide if you have questions about enabling payment update requests to Ordergroove.
  • Shopify Merchants use a specific Shopify-defined process to update payment and thus these settings will be unavailable.


  • Shipping: If you want customers to be able to change their subscription shipping addresses directly on the Ordergroove Subscription Manager, leave External Linking set to “OFF.” If you want your default shipping address set on your website to be used for subscriptions, turn this setting on and enter the URL path to your shipping address page on your website. You should implement an address update API request if linking the shipping address externally.


Note: After making any updates, be sure to click the Save button at the top of the page to ensure your changes are applied.