Attentive Integration Overview


Attentive is a growth marketing platform that helps you deliver more personalized experiences across owned marketing channels like email, SMS, in-app notifications, and web.


Integration features

  • Customer Segments: Create dynamic groups of users within Attentive segments to message them specifically.
  • Event Flows: Use subscriber, subscription, and order events to tailor messaging to subscribers as they progress through the subscription experience.
Note: New customer properties and data populate in Attentive when enabling the integration.


Connect Ordergroove to Attentive

  1. Open up your Ordergroove Admin.
  2. Highlight Settings on the top toolbar and click Integrations.
  3. Locate Attentive and click Manage on the right. 
  4. Click on "Connect to Attentive", and you'll be directed to log into Attentive if you are not already.
  5. Hit Authorize, you'll be redirected to Ordergroove and the integration will be enabled.

Build a Historic Ordergroove Subscriber Segment

Once set up, our integration will be labeling active and inactive subscribers going forward. There may be a situation where you'll want to bring in all your current subscribers, here's how you can bring that list of users into Attentive.

  2. Click "Create Report"
  3. Select "Subscribers", make sure "Active Subscribers" is set. 
  4. In the columns section, remove everything but email address. (See screenshot below)Screenshot 2023-10-10 at 2.40.25 PM.png
  5. Hit "Export", a csv file will be generated; download it.
  6. Head over to attentive (
  7. Create a segment at the top right, select Manually uploaded segment
  8. Give it a name like Historic Ordergroove Active Subscribers and upload the csv file from step 4.


Recommended flows

With the integration set-up, you can create segments and flows in Attentive based on subscriber data. There are two more articles in this series we recommend taking a look at:



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