How To Setup and Configure SKU Swap

You can enable the SKU Swap feature within the Subscription Manager to allow customers to change their subscription product without canceling their subscription and starting a new one from scratch when they need to make a slight product change.

The SKU swap feature works best when limited to a small, related set of products - e.g., different size, color, or flavor varieties - rather than presenting all possible products within your catalog, especially if you have a large product offering.

Warning: When you lock a subscription's price, we will use that locked price regardless of changes to the product/item price associated with the subscription. This includes item price changes that would be applied when a customer changes their subscription to a different product via our SKU swap feature.

If you price lock subscriptions, we recommend only allowing SKU swap for products with the same price, or updating the locked subscription price in the event a customer has swapped to a higher or lower-priced product.

How to Configure SKU Swap

To enable SKU swap you’ll need to set the SKU Swap Groups within your Product Configuration File.

In the SKU Swap Group column, create a human-readable categorization that will be shared among a group of products. For example, if you sell candy in various sizes and flavors, you might set the group for all your 1 pound products to be “1 pound”, allowing a customer subscribed to 1 pound of chocolate to switch to other flavors but retain the 1 pound weight, or you might set all your chocolate candy to a group called “chocolate,” allowing a customer subscribed to 1 pound of chocolate to change their subscription to other chocolate products, but not change from chocolate to strawberry.

Products should be limited to one SKU swap group each, and you should not define a list of specific products within the SKU Swap Group field.


Additional Information 

  • Retention Rewards does not reset to zero if the customer changes the product on a subscription — any orders placed prior to SKU swap will still count toward the Nth order logic.
  • Products display in order based on their ID within the Ordergroove system, which corresponds to the order they were created within Ordergroove. This order cannot be changed.
  • The price that displays is the item’s current price before any discounts are applied. Once the customer swaps products, their order will be recalculated and reflect the appropriate discounts.
  • SKU Swap is not available for one-time Instant Upsell products.

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