Analytics Overview

Ordergroove's Analytics Overview page gives you data to make key decisions for the growth of your subscription program. The available analytic metrics and flexible exports provide an overview of your program's performance, detailed data to evaluate performance over time, and data to understand the impact of your decisions.

Advanced Views

All of the charts on the dashboard are pulled from seperate Advanced Views. You can switch to these additional screens to view additional details with the Overview dropdown on the top left. 

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Filtering and Customization

You can use the controls at the top to filter and customize the charts.

  1. Date Range
  2. Compare Range
  3. Filter by Specific Product(s)
  4. Full Screen, and Download
  5. Bar Chart - Many of the charts can switch from a line chart to a bar chart



Available Snapshots 

There are currently 20 snapshots you can view on the Dashboard.  Here's the full list, including details of each, broken down by the advanced view we pulled it from.



The total revenue generated by subscriptions in the chosen time frame. The value is calculated after discounts are applied, and excludes taxes and shipping.

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Average Order Value

The average amount of revenue for a single order across subscription orders in the selected time period.

Average Order Value.png

Average Subscriber Lifetime Value

The anticipated value of a new customer over their lifetime as a subscriber.

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Active Subscribers

The total number of customers with at least one active subscription, calculated at the end of the selected timeframe.

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Active Subscriptions

The number of active subscriptions at the end of the selected time period.

Active Subscriptions.png

Enrollment Rate

Enrollees / Session Checkouts defined as:
Enrollees: A customer who enrolled in at least 1+ Subscription during their daily session and checked out with a subscription eligible product
Session Checkouts: The total daily checkouts from merchant website that are attributed to a single customer. To be counted a customer must have completed a checkout (one time or subscription) that day with a subscription eligible item.

Enrollment Rate.png


Rejection Rate

The percentage of orders rejected relative to all orders sent for placement. Orders are pending until retry attempts are completed and then counted as either rejected or recovered.

Rejection Rate.png


The total number of recurring orders sent for placement.


Recovered Revenue

The amount of revenue recovered from an order that Ordergroove retried after payment related rejection.


Rejected Orders

The breakdown of rejection reasons as Ordergroove receives from platform response.

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Recovery Rate

The percentage of orders successfully recovered relative to all retried orders. The retry status is temporary. These orders will end up in final state of rejected or recovered.

Recovery Rate.png

Retention & Churn

Subscriber Cancellation Rate

The number of cancelled subscribers divided by the total number of active subscribers across all products.

Subscriber Cancellation Rate.png


Cancellation Rate

The number of cancelled subscriptions divided by the total number of active subscriptions. It lists the number of subscriptions that are cancelled in under 24 hours from checkout, cancelled before the first recurring order, and after the first recurring order.

Cancellation Rate.png


The top 3 products ordered by the number of new active subscriptions within the selected time period.



Order Retention

The average percentage of subscriptions retained throughout each order from the start of the time period.

Order Retention.png

Cumulative Revenue Per Subscriber

The average amount of revenue for a given subscriber one month after signup. The amount of the second month is cumulative. Some of our merchants refer to this as of lifetime value instead.

Cumulative Revenue Per Subscriber.png

Subscriber Monthly Retention

The average % of subscribers that are retained after given month of subscription signup. Remember a subscriber can have multiple subscriptions so this means the subscriber retained at least one subscription.

Subscriber Monthly Retention.png

Subscriber Order Retention

The % of subscribers retained after a given recurring orders. This means the subscriber also received their initial order.

Subscriber Order Retention.png

Subscriber Monthly Churn Rate

The number and percent of subscribers that churn each month from a given cohort. In order for a subscriber to churn, all of associated subscriptions must be cancelled.

Subscriber Monthly Churn Rate.png

Subscription Monthly Churn Rate

The percent and number of subscriptions that are retained from a given cohort month over month beginning with the month of subscription signup (Month 0).

Subscription Monthly Churn Rate.png

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