Understanding the Revenue Analytics Tab

The Revenue drill down in your Analytics Overview dives into an overview of subscription revenue. You can view total revenue, a breakdown by revenue type, and a daily overview.



1 - Total Revenue

Displays the Total Revenue generated over the time frame, and a breakout of only New Revenue. Total Revenue includes new, recurring, and one-time purchases added onto subscription orders.

2 - Total subscription revenue chart

This chart represents the total subscription revenue. Ordergroove defines total subscription revenue as the value of subscription sales after discounts, excluding taxes and shipping, within a given timeframe. It's broken down by new, recurring, and upsell revenue. 

  • New (Orange): Represents new revenue defined as revenue from a subscriber's initial order 
  • Recurring (Purple): Represents recurring revenue, defined as revenue from any first recurring order and beyond
  • One-Time Impulse (Green): Represents one-time impulse revenue, defined as additional one-time revenue that a subscriber added to their upcoming subscription order.
  • Recurring Impulse (Dark blue): Represents recurring impulse revenue, defined as additional recurring revenue (subscriptions) that a subscriber added to their upcoming subscription order. 

Refunded Subscriptions

Ordergroove does not account for refunds, or removal of revenue, in the case of a cancellation. Subscriptions are recorded as soon as the revenue is recorded.

Note: The Total subscription revenue chart includes future predicted revenue that has not been processed yet. Depending on the frequency of your subscription program and the selected dates, it includes the next one unsent order per subscription. This is to give you an understanding of upcoming revenue.

In general, your data is most reliable the closer you get to the current date, with maximum accuracy over the past seven days or one week. Note that the future revenue does not take into account churn rates or rejected orders. Thus, the actual revenue for the next upcoming week might be slightly less than predicted. The projected revenue does not represent any new upcoming revenue either. 

3 - Revenue metrics table

The table, “Revenue Metrics” below displays the values of the chart in a tabular format and is available for download into an image or .csv file. 

Total revenue:

The total value of subscription sales after discounts, excluding taxes and shipping.

New revenue:

The total value of new subscription sales, as defined by the initial order, after discounts, excluding taxes and shipping.

Projected recurring revenue

The value of future expected revenue from recurring subscriptions orders. Because these orders are not yet placed, this total actual amount may vary.

4 - Average Order Value

The average order value, calculated from all orders over the time frame. This figure includes revenue from both subscription and one-time upsells.

5 - Average order value by date

A daily breakdown of average order value over the set timeframe. The average is calculated daily, for an overall average from the timeframe take a look at Average Order Value to the left of the chart.