Prepaid Reports

One of the easiest ways to judge your prepaid program health is to run a report and export out a CSV spreadsheet. You can get a quick answer to who are your prepaid subscribers, when they started their subscriptions, how many prepaid orders are left, whether they are set to auto renew, and more.


Generating Prepaid Reports

There are two types of prepaid exports:

  • Subscriptions - Prepaid: Each row in a Subscription report represents a unique prepaid subscription; one customer can have multiple subscriptions.
  • Orders - Prepaid: A prepaid subscription receives multiple orders, and each order can have multiple items sent out from the different subscriptions. Each row in the order export reports represents an order item that is placed to be sent to the customer.

Both are generated in Ordergroove, under Data > Reports:

  1. Log in to Ordergroove, and go to Data > Reports.
  2. Click Create Report on the top right.
  3. Choose the type of report you want to send, Subscription level or Order level:
    • Subscriptions and then Subscriptions - Prepaid from the dropdown
    • Orders and then Orders - Prepaid from the dropdown
  4. Optional - You can filter for subscriptions and orders that contain specific products 
  5. Optional - Modify the date range. It will default to one month
  6. Choose the Columns you want to include in the spreadsheet. Ordergroove will suggest a few but you can add or remove them with the dropdown arrow on the right. Take a look below in this article for the data field definitions.
  7. Click Export on the bottom right to download your report.

prepaid export clean.png

Subscriptions - Prepaid Fields

The default Subscriptions - Prepaid report has 10 data fields/spreadsheet columns. In addition to the fields listed below, you can add any of the standard Subscription report fields.

  • Create Date: Date of subscription creation.
  • Email Address: Subscriber’s email.
  • Product: Name of the product subscribed to.
  • Quantity: Number of product units that will be ordered for the subscription.
  • Update Date: Last Date the subscription was updated.
  • SKU: ID in your system for the subscription product.
  • Price: Unit price of the subscription product.
  • Prepaid Order Count Remaining: The number of orders/shipments to be sent to the customer that have already been paid for.
  • Prepaid Order Count Per Billing: The total number of orders sent out per subscription purchase.
  • Prepaid Renewal Behavior: What will happen at the end of the prepaid subscription when all orders are sent out - either cancel or autorenew.

Orders - All Prepaid Fields

The default Order - All Prepaid report has 5 data fields/spreadsheet columns. In addition to the fields listed below, you can add any of the standard Order report fields.

  • Email Address: Subscriber’s email address.
  • External Product ID: Product ID in your system.
  • Product: Order item product name.
  • Quantity: The unit count of order item product.
  • Price: The unit price of an order item product.