Decisions To Make For Your Subscription Program

In order to get your subscription program live with Ordergroove, you will need to make a number of business decisions for your program. Once you finalize your decisions, you can configure these options within Ordergroove’s interface. 

Decision Details Supporting Articles
Program name What will the name of your subscription program be? Best practices for subscription program names
Product eligibility for subscriptions and instant upsell You will need to determine which products in your catalog should be eligible for subscriptions and/or Instant Upsell.

Setting subscription product eligibility via the product configuration file

How to configure and design Instant Upsell

Subscription enrollment offer design, placement, and copy You will need to design an enrollment offer for new subscription enrollment.

Subscription Enrollment Best Practices

Using Ordergroove to Design and Configure Your Program

Subscription Manager The Subscription Manager is where customers can manage their subscriptions and upcoming orders.

How the Subscription Manager Works

How to Configure and Style the Subscription Manager

Using Ordergroove to Design and Configure Your Program

Subscription Management Interface Questions

Instant upsell enrollment and incentive You will need to design an enrollment offer for Instant Upsell. Instant Upsell allows subscribers to add additional items to their upcoming subscription order.

How Instant Upsell Works 

Learn more about how to configure and design Instant Upsell

Transactional email copy and display What copy will you include in each of your program's emails?

How Transactional Program Emails Work 

Program Transactional Emails Questions

Using Ordergroove to Design and Configure Your Program

Promotions and incentives

In order for your program to successfully acquire and retain customers.

Choosing the Right Incentive

Key Considerations for Build Your Subscription Program

Initial Order Incentive Best Practices

Subscription product frequencies (including product-specific frequencies) What frequencies will you make available for each of your products (1 week, 1 month, 6 months etc...).

How Product Configuration and Frequencies Work

How to Set Subscription Frequencies for Your Products

Settings: Default Frequency

Credit card optimization Ordergroove offers two ways to help save more recurring revenue from payment issues: credit card retries and credit card refresh.

Learn more about Credit Card Retries

Learn more about Credit Card Refresh

Combination savings Ordergroove will automatically combine two recurring orders placed on the same day if they have the same address and billing information. You can also set up Combination Savings to automatically combine two orders within a number of days from each other, i.e. combine orders placing within 3 days of each other. Learn more about order placement and combination savings