Choosing a Name For Your Program

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Using a name that resonates with your customer base is critical to acquiring subscription customers and growing your recurring revenue base. Best-in-class program names speak directly to the merchant’s customers and reflect traits they find appealing, including the function of the program (e.g., “autoship”), the value created (e.g., “save”), and vertical or brand-specific tie-ins (e.g., “brewers club”).

Below are some best practices to keep in mind as you develop your program name.

Know Your Customers

Ordergroove’s experience across different verticals has revealed no single naming convention that works for all product types and that top programs have names that communicate what matters most to their specific customers.

For example, we have found that a focus on the “Auto” or “Auto Replenish” aspect of subscriptions works well for beauty brands but isn’t as effective in the home goods vertical where names that call out “Subscription” directly are more successful. Similarly, some verticals are more focused on value and effectively leverage “save” or similar messaging in their program name.

Lastly, some customers value exclusivity, and merchants in those verticals have success using language like “club” to signal elevated status.

Knowing what will grab your customers' attention is the key to choosing the right program name and driving conversion to subscription.

Leverage Your Brand and Identity

If you have a strong and recognizable brand, consider integrating it into the program name directly or indirectly. Similarly, Ordergroove clients have found success by choosing a program name that fits with their vertical and reflects the usage of their product.

For example, a retailer of energy bars calling their program “snack club,” or a coffee retailer names their program the “cafe club.”

Add a Logo or Icon

Like branding, integrating a logo into your subscription program name can help establish an identity and effectively communicate desirable program attributes. Additionally, having a program logo provides a valuable asset to use on your website and across marketing channels. Learn more about logo and icon development.

A/B Test

Picking a productive name for your subscription program can be difficult, so we suggest an iterative approach to maximize efficacy. Start by identifying several promising names and then test them against each other via an A/B test to determine which converts at a higher rate.

Testing is an extremely valuable tool to improve the customer journey and maximize your subscription program's value. Our most successful merchants test aspects of their experience, including program name, on a regular cadence. You may use Ordergroove analytics to measure the performance of different program names. 

Review With Your Legal Team

Given the prevalence of subscription programs in the market, we recommend you review your choice(s) for program name and logo with your legal team to ensure you are not infringing on any trademarked designs.

The best practices discussed in this article are meant only as guidance and do not constitute legal advice - always check with your legal team before implementing any program name or logo.