Designing a Subscription Logo/Icon

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As part of your program design and marketing campaign, you should design a unique icon for your subscription program. This creates an identifiable and eye-catching way to represent the program across your site and builds up program identity. 

Design Suggestions

We suggest including the following as part of your icon design:

  • Your company name/logo
  • The name of your subscription program
  • Some visualization of subscription, like cyclical arrows

Where to Place Your Icon

Once you have your icon finalized, you should put it in high visibility locations across your site, including:

  • PDP with subscription enrollment
  • Subscription program landing page (learn more here)
  • Site banners and homepage
  • Navigation and flyouts
  • Emails and email banners
  • Paid marketing
  • Subscription Manager page above Ordergroove injected content   

Subscription Program Logo/Icon Examples


Program Name: Kiehl’s Auto-Replenish


Program Name: Tractor Supply Autoship


Program Name: Pet Supermarket AutoShip & Save


Program Name: Swanson My Auto Delivery


Program Name: The Art of Shaving Replenishment Service

Subscription Program Logo/Icon Placements


Program Name: Kiehl’s Auto Replenish Landing Page


Program Name: Tractor Supply site homepage


Program Name: Tractor Supply PDP