One-Time Discounts

A one-time discount can be applied to a single future Ordergroove order. This is in contrast to our recurring incentives that apply to every order. These discounts apply automatically to an order once created and do not require that the user submit a coupon or other code.


What Kind of Discounts Can I Create?

Both percentage-off and amount-off discounts can be created to apply to each item in the order.

Will My Customers Get Both Recurring and One-Time Discounts?

A customer will receive the best single item discount and best single order discount — i.e., a user can not get two item level discounts. If you would like to increase an existing item or order discount, please create a one-time discount with the total discount desired.

For example, a program where every subscription item gets 10% off (item discount #1) and we want to give a consumer an extra 5% off each item (item discount #2) (on order ABC123).
In the above example, the consumer would receive only 10% off. In order to achieve the desired state, you would create a one-time discount of 15% off all items on order ABC123.

Why Would I Want To Use This Feature?

One time discounts are often used in several ways:

  • Appeasement: If your customer service department is authorized to and has determined a subscriber deserves 'something' because of an error or other negative experience with your store they can apply a discount on their future subscription order to make good while also encouraging retention.

  • Reactive Retention Incentive: If a consumer has reached out to your customer service department to cancel an order or subscription - a one-time incentive can be used in order to save the order/subscription.

  • Proactive Retention Marketing Incentive: To incentivize consumers to either reactivate a subscription or take other action you can send each consumer an email or other communication with a discount offer. That discount can then be applied via the One-Time Discounts APIs. Note that one-time discounts are distinct from the integration with Shopify's Discount Codes.

How Can I Apply One-Time Discounts?

  • Go to the Customer Service section of the Ordergroove platform, found here.
  • Search for the customer you wish to apply a discount for.
  • Navigate to the order you want to discount.
  • Under the Order Totals section, click the + Add One Time Discount button.
  • Select from the following options:

    • Applies To:
      1. Item Total Price - Discount will be applied at the item level per item
      2. Order Subtotal Price - Discount will be applied to the subtotal of all the items in the order (regardless of whether or not they also had a coupon)
      3. Orders Shipping - Discount will be applied to the shipping cost

    • Type:
      1. Fixed Amount - A flat discount of $x applied based on the above selection (eg $5 off each item or $5 off the order subtotal)
      2. Percentage Off - A percentage taken off the selection above (eg 10% of each item or 10% off the order subtotal)

    • Value: What percent or what flat discount to give  (eg $10 vs $5)


  • Click the Save button. The order will now reflect the new discount.


How Do I Manage Existing One-Time Discounts?

One time discounts can be managed from the consumer's profile in the customer service section of Ordergroove :

  • Go to the customer service section of Ordergroove here. 
  • Search for the customer in question
  • Navigate to the order to which the discount is applied

You can do the following:

  • Delete: Deletes the one-time discount (will not update any coupons or loyalty point integrations — if the consumer has used points or an e-commerce coupon that needs to be reinstated please do so from within that platform.)
  • Move: Removes the one-time discount and attaches to another unsent order.


Can I Update an Existing One-Time Discount?

In order to update a one-time discount please remove it and recreate it from within the customer service section of Ordergroove. (see above)

Where Do Subscribers See Their Discount?

The one-time discounts will be added to any recurring discounts and reflected in the order totals of emails and the Subscription Manager — ie consumers will not see one-time discounts separated out from recurring discounts.