Advanced One-Time Discounts

One-time discounts are applied to one single future Ordergroove order. You can set up one-time discounts in the Ordergroove admin, but the API offers additional functionality. This article takes you though advanced customization options, and assumes you are already familiar with basic one-time discount functionality.

Note: The features laid out in this article require use of the Ordergroove API and are intended for technical users who are familiar with building apps.

What does the API offer?

Ordergroove comes with all of the features you need out of the box, but the API gives you additional flexibility and finer controls. You may not need the API, take a look at the following comparison chart:

Feature Self-Serve - Ordergroove Admin API Built

Base Discount

A one-time discount that competes with program discounts and does not stack. The customer gets either the one-time discount or the standard subscription discount.

Additive Discount

A one-time discount that stacks on top of any subscription program discount.

Expiration Date

Set one-time discounts to  automatically expire after a set date, based on order placement date

Scope Self-Serve - Ordergroove Admin API Built

Item Level

Compares discounts on a per-item level and applies the best.

Note: You can apply item level for all items, but can not specify particular items for the discount

Order Level

Compares discounts on the overall order-level and applies the best.

Shipping Level

Compares shipping discounts and applies the best.

Processing order

Ordergroove compares discounts in a Item > Order > Shipping order. If an order comes in, here’s how it’s processed on our side:

  1. Item-level discounts
    1. Compare all item-level base discounts and choose the best
    2. Add all item-level additive discounts
    3. Generate subtotal and move to step 2
  2. Order-level discounts
    1. Compare all order-level base discounts and choose the best
    2. Add all order-level additive discounts
    3. Update subtotal and move to step 3
  3. Shipping-level discounts
    1. Compare all shipping-level base discounts and choose the best
    2. Add all shipping-level additive discounts
    3. Add shipping to subtotal and generate final total

If you use base discounts, ignore the bolded steps above. Instead, Ordergroove will compare discounts in each step and only keep the best one and discard all other discounts.

Implement advanced one-time discounts

Advanced one-time discounts rely on the Ordergroove API. Take a look at our One Time Incentives - Create endpoint for more information.