General Integration FAQ

This Article Contains The Following Questions:

Q: How does Ordergroove integrate with my e-commerce platform?

Many integrations are unique on a client-by-client basis but a good general introduction of our integration can be found in our introductory section.

Q: How long does it take to integrate with Ordergroove?

Like many things, it depends!

The biggest variable that impacts the timeline includes the size of the project's scope, the availability of resources from all parties to deliver the scope, and the motivation of all parties to complete the project in a timely fashion.

Some projects launch in as little as thirty days to provide some general guidance, while other projects might take more than 120 days. A general overview of the timeline can be found here.

Q: Does Ordergroove have multiple lower environments — such as development, staging, QA, or pre-production?

No. All merchant lower environments point to a single Ordergroove staging environment.

Shopify integrations will leverage all Ordergroove production endpoints within their Sandbox.

Q: Why does your staging environment state it’s not secure? 

We follow a common industry practice of self-signing our staging environment and do not purchase certificates for that environment. Our production environment carries standard validated SSL/TLS certificates.

Q: Is Ordergroove PCI compliant? Can you send your Attestation of Compliance?

Yes, Ordergroove is PCI level 1 compliant and undergoes an annual PCI data security audit. You may request the latest signed AOC directly from your Ordergroove Representative.

Q: What Logs Can I Check?

Within Ordergroove you can use the Order Placement Utility Tool to view the order placement request and response XMLs and allows the ability to see details of the exact information transferred between Ordergroove and your eCommerce platform.

Here is some additional information on the Order Placement Utility Tool.