Scheduled Daily Data Exports

Looking for an automated way to get subscription or subscriber data? In addition to on-demand exports available for download from our platform, Ordergroove can provide up to seven CSV files daily on the Ordergroove SFTP. These exports contain a variety of information about subscriptions and orders.

Exports can be enabled to generate at a specific hour each day, however, Ordergroove recommends avoiding 2:00 AM Central and 3:00 PM Central as hours of generation for reports, as those can be affected by releases and daylight savings time changes.

SFTP exports must be enabled by an Ordergroove team member; please reach out to your Ordergroove contact directly or send us a note at if you’re interested in receiving data in an automated way. 

For more information check out our article on how to utilize data exports for subscription tracking.

Scheduled Daily Exports Available

Please refer to the related articles for details of each file.



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