How To Configure and Style The Subscription Manager

Customers manage ongoing orders and subscriptions through their Subscription Manager. The Subscription Manager acts as the self-service point of contact for your subscription business after initial checkout. 

You can modify the manager within your Ordergroove Admin by going to Subscriptions, Manager on the top toolbar. You'll find several sections that can be configured to style your Subscription Manager and match your brand.

Warning: Your browser may cache earlier versions of the Subscription Manager while you're editing, and you won't see the changes. We recommend that you use a private browser or tab when designing and editing. If you do not see the most recently published changes, try clearing your cache.

Multi-Theme Support

Ordergroove supports multi-themes and drafts, so you don't need to experiment in a live environment. You can view all of your themes in Ordergroove > Subscriptions > Subscription Manager 


Click on any of the themes, live or draft, to edit them in either the Basic or Advanced Mod - instructions below. You can also clone a theme with CleanShot 2023-11-10 at 21.05.09@2x.png. You can clone your live theme to test out new upgrades when they come out, without impacting your live website.

Upgrade your Subscription Manager Template Version

Whenever there is a new base template version available, you will have the chance to upgrade your existing themes if you choose. To know which themes might need an upgrade, check the version number and look for the ⭐ icon.

When viewing a theme in the Theme Designer, you will see a button that allows you to upgrade to the latest version if you are not already on the latest. If you have only made basic changes the button will allow you to upgrade your theme via this flow. If you have made more advanced changes, you will need to create a new draft theme to get the latest template.

Customize the Subscription Manager with the Basic Editor 

The Basic Editor is the fastest way to style your live theme and adjust the display text. As you make changes the Preview updates in real-time. When you're finished making changes in the editor, click Publish on the top right. 



Customize the Subscription Manager with the Advanced Editor 

The Advanced Editor requires technical knowledge, but gives you more customization options than the Basic Editor. You can access the Advanced Editor by clicking the toggle on the top.


Group 17.png


You can download the files if you prefer to make changes locally, or you can edit the code directly within the editor. The Locale Files contain any display text you'd like to modify, including cancel reasons. When you're finished editing, click Save on the top right.

For technical documentation please visit our API Documentation.


Live Preview

You can now preview your draft theme live on your website. This is a great opportunity to test out a new theme before publishing it.


You must be logged in to your website in an account with active subscriptions for the live preview to display on your site. The live preview shows the last saved version of your theme.

  1. Open up your store website and log in as a customer with an active subscription. Navigate to the customer's subscriptions, and while you're viewing the subscriptions page, copy the URL.
  2. Log in to Ordergroove, and go to Subscriptions > Management Interface. Click on the theme you want to test.
  3. Click the Preview button on the top right, and Next.
  4. Paste the URL you copied into the text field, and click Preview.
  5. A new browser tab will open with a live preview of test theme. It'll have an adjusted URL that passes along the styling and variables of the new theme.

Further Reading

For more information about the Subscription Manager and example images take a look at the Subscription Manager Overview article.