1-Click Actions Overview

In this guide we'll go through what 1-Click actions are, how to set them up, test them, and commonly asked questions. This is an overview, take a look at our Klaviyo and Attentive documentation for setup instructions.



1-Click actions are unique and secure URLs you can send to your customers through email and SMS messages. When clicked on, they will perform a specific predetermined action such as reactivating a churned subscription.

Available 1-Click Actions

Action Description Notes
Upsell Add item to an upcoming subscription order
  • Can upsell as a one-time purchase or subscription
  • Can include a discount
  • Available on the ordergroove.order.reminder event
Delay Delay an upcoming subscription order
  • Number of days to delay can be configured
  • Available on the ordergroove.order.reminder event
Reactivate Reactivate a previously canceled subscription
  • Available on the ordergroove.subscription.cancel event


The Customer's Experience

1. A customer receives an email or SMS message that includes a 1-click link.

  • On an email, the link can be in a button.

2. Customer clicks the link to take the action.

The customer gets redirected to a page on your website, where they see a confirmation message on the top of the page, or an error message.

  • You can specify which page to redirect users to. It can be any page on your site except for pages within your authenticated accounts section.
  • We recommend redirecting users to your homepage, or you can design specific landing pages to confirm one-click actions.

3. The action takes effect immediately.

  • Additional clicks will fail with a visible error.

Here's an example of a customer upsell experience:

Set up 1-Click Actions

There are three main steps; for specifics, take a look at our Klaviyo and Attentive documentation.

  1. Confirm the landing page on your site is set up properly.
  2. Build your desired 1-click URLs.
  3. Add the URLs to intended Klaviyo flows and/or Attentive journeys.


Before going live, we recommend testing your 1-click actions to confirm they work as expected.

The easiest action to test is 1-click reactivate. Use a test subscription customer you have and cancel any active subscriptions they have in Ordergroove.

Klaviyo Attentive
  • In Klaviyo, go to Metrics and select ordergroove.susbcription.cancel. Click activity feed.
  • Find the test customer you canceled a subscription for, and click the dropdown to show more details.
  • Copy the full action_token that’s included in the customer’s details.


  • Take your reactive URL and manually paste the action token: replace {{event.action_token}} with the token you copied.
  • Copy and paste the URL into your internet search bar.
  • If everything is working properly, you should land on the landing page you have set up and see a green success message at the top of the page.
  • You can also go to the Customers page in Ordergroove and search for the customer you are testing with. On their page, you should see in the "Recent Activity" section that the subscription was reactivated.
  • Note that you can only use an action_token once, so to run additional tests you will need to use a different action token. You can cancel/reactivate the same test subscription customer multiple times to continue generating tokens for testing.


What happens if a customer clicks a 1-click action link multiple times?

1-click action tokens are only scoped for single use. Once a customer clicks a link, the action is taken. If they click it again, they will be redirected to your 1-click landing page and see an error message.


What happens if a customer takes a 1-click action by mistake?

When a 1-click action link is clicked, the action is taken automatically. There is no “undo button”, but if a customer unintentionally clicks a link, they can still easily self-correct within their subscription manager, or reach out to your support team to change the action. Here are the recommended corrections:

  • Delay: Change the date on the upcoming order to desired date
  • Reactivate: Cancel the subscription
  • Upsell: Remove the added item from the upcoming order


Why didn't my popup show up?

When customers click your link, they'll be taken to the URL, and a success/failure popup will appear at the top of the page. The formatting of this box is determined by the CSS code hosted on your website.

The z-index is set to 6000, if this conflicts with your site the popup may appear under the content of your site and won't be visible.

Your technical team can alter the element CSS of your site to alleviate the issue. Our popup uses:


Something like this could help:

.alert-container { z-index: 99999 !important; }