Shopify Markets Multi-Currency (Alpha)

Shopify Markets packages together several features to provide cross-border management from a single store. Our integration with Shopify Markets allows you to offer a localized currency experience for your subscribers by displaying prices in their local currency. If you have different markets set up on Shopify, your customers in those markets can pay for their subscriptions in their local currency.

Note: Multi-currency is in Alpha testing. We're actively building it out, so the listed features and limitations are subject to change without advance notice.

Customer experience

When customers check out with a subscription in their local currency, the currency code information will be passed into Ordergroove. When it’s time to process the next subscription order for the customer, Ordergroove will include the currency code when we place orders to Shopify so that customers are charged in the correct currency for their subscription.


When your subscribers access the Subscription Manager, they will see the correct currency code associated with their subscription. 


Additionally, currency codes are included in events sent to Klaviyo and Attentive, so you can use the currency code in your email and SMS messages with subscribers.

Lastly, we display currency codes in the Customer page in Ordergroove. When your team is providing support to your subscribers, they will be able to see the customer’s orders and subscriptions in their associated currency.


Analytics and Exports

All of your store’s analytics within Ordergroove will be displayed in your store’s Primary Currency. We convert all of your subscription transactions so that the Analytics display your data aggregated in a single currency.

Exports that you generate from Ordergroove will also include currency codes where appropriate. 

Getting started with multi-currency

Please email to request this feature to be enabled for your store. Once it’s turned on in Ordergroove, and you have your markets set up on Shopify, there’s nothing else you need to do. Ordergroove will start collecting the necessary data to support your multi-currency experience.

If you currently have a multi-store setup on Shopify (different stores with different Ordergroove instances for different regions) and are interested in consolidating with Shopify Markets, please hang tight. We are still working out the details of how to safely combine programs and data within Ordergroove. You cannot take advantage of our Shopify Markets alpha at this time.

Known Limitations

Multi-Currency is still in Alpha, and while we're building it out there might be growing pains. Please be aware of the following limitations with the multi-currency alpha.

  • Amount off discount codes on recurring orders are not supported
  • Flat rate shipping rates hosted by Ordergroove are not supported
  • Free shipping $ thresholds are not supported
  • Emails sent through Ordergroove’s email feature do not include currency code
  • Bundles are not supported
  • You cannot customize different subscription settings and experiences for different markets. For example: 
    • All products eligible for subscription will be offered as a subscription in all markets where the product is available
    • All products available for SKU swap will be available in all markets
    • Buy X Subscribe to Y rules will apply to all markets
    • Recurring discount will apply to all markets
    • Free shipping set up through Ordergroove will apply to all markets
  • If you have Prepaid subscriptions set up, only certain exchange rate rules are compatible (Standard Dynamic Exchange Rate without Rounding and Manually-Selected Exchange Rate without Rounding)
    • Standard Dynamic Exchange Rate with Rounding is not supported
    • Manually-Selected Exchange Rate With Rounding is not supported
    • Market Specific Price Increase/Decrease Across All Products is not supported
  • Shopify does not have a concept of Out of Stock per market, it will continue to leverage existing location logic
  • This alpha does not include new functionality for language localization.



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