Shopify Platform FAQ

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Is Ordergroove compatible with Shopify New Accounts?

No 3rd party apps, Ordergroove included, are compatible with Shopify New Accounts. Take a look at Shopify's help center for more details.


Is Ordergroove compatible with Shopify Checkout Extensibility?

Yes! Ordergroove is fully compatible with Shopify Checkout Extensibility, as we no longer use the checkout.liquid file. You can build your own custom checkout extensions, and please reach out to support or your Success Manager if you run into any issues.


How do I set up free shipping for the initial subscription checkout?

You can use Shopify Scripts, take a look at Setting up free shipping on initial orders with Shopify Scripts for more information.


Does Ordergroove use Shopify tags?

Ordergroove automatically tags orders and customers. We do not recommend using the customer tags Active Ordergroove Customer and Inactive Ordergroove Subscriber to run reports or as a filter for critical functionality.

We can not guarantee their accuracy in Shopify. The data is easy to modify and many other apps will change, and more importantly delete, these tags.