How To Issue Refunds For Prepaid Subscriptions

Refunding and canceling prepaid subscriptions is quick and painless. In this article, we'll go through the steps to refund the subscription through Shopify and then cancel future orders in Ordergroove.


1 - Locate the Origin Order

When your customer orders a prepaid subscription, their initial order captures payment information, but future orders are marked as $0. The first step is to locate the initial order that captured payment information.

  1. Open up your Shopify Admin 
  2. Search for the Order # that your customer wants a refund for and click on the Order # to open it up.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page. In the bottom-right corner, you should see a section marked Tags.
  4. Look for a tag called prepaid-origin-order=#####. Jot down the new #, and search for that order.
  5. (Optional) When you search for the origin #, both the original payment capture and any fulfilled $0 orders will pop-up. You might want to write down how many shipments the customer has already received to help calculate how large the refund will be. For example, if your prepaid subscriptions are $100 for four shipments and the customer has received three shipments, you only want to refund that one outstanding shipment or $25.
  6. Click on the Order ID # to open it up.


2 - Refund the Order

With the origin order open in Shopify, it's time to Refund the order. Click Refund on the top left.


This will open up the Refund page, where you can enter how much you would like to refund the customer, whether or not to restock the items associated with the order, and enter in any additional details like a reason for the refund. Once you have entered the amount you would like to refund, click the Refund button on the bottom right.


3 - Cancel Future Orders

The order is refunded, but Ordergroove will still send any remaining orders for placement. Just one last step, we're going to cancel those future shipments.

  1. Login to your Ordergroove Admin.
  2. Go to Data > Customers and Search for the customer you refunded. Once you've found the right one, Click on their name to open their profile.
  3. Scroll down to the Subscriptions section and click View All.
  4. Locate the prepaid subscription, and click Cancel Subscription. This will cancel any upcoming deliveries.