BigCommerce Standard Services Descriptions

Ordergroove comes with everything you need to run your subscription business right out of the box. This guide will help you get acquainted with the features and terms included with the app. 


Subscription Functionality

Ordergroove’s app comes with all of the functionality you need to sell subscriptions including the option to sign up for a subscription on your product page, vaulting or storing of the payment information, and a portal where your customers can manage their subscriptions after the initial checkout.



Application Installation Ordergroove’s BigCommerce App is a single tenant app that will be created for your store and can be installed using the BigCommerce Integration Guide. The Ordergroove app supports a single store/domain, single language, and single currency.
Product Subscriptions Ordergroove's product subscriptions empower your customers to sign up for subscriptions on your website, and enables recurring delivery of individual products on specific frequencies. This includes the ongoing management and optimization of subscriptions throughout the customer lifecycle.
Subscription Manager

The Subscription Manager allows your customers to modify the subscriptions they have opted into. The Subscription Manager can be added to your customer account pages via simple edits to your theme code.
The options available to your customers to manage their subscriptions within the Subscription Manager include the following:


  • Send Now
  • Change Order Date
  • Skip Shipment
  • Change Quantity
  • Change Frequency
  • Remove an Item from this Shipment
  • Cancel a Subscription
  • Pause a Subscription (changes the next order date of the item)
  • SKU Swap
  • Change Shipping Address

Additional scripting is required within the BigCommerce wallet to ensure that customers with subscriptions cannot remove their payment method, and that payment updates (card type, cc expiration date) are passed to Ordergroove for customer communications.

Enrollment Locations & Variations

Places on your storefront where enrollment opt-in can be shown when a product is added to cart or modified.

BigCommerce Subscription enrollment is handled independently of Ordergroove, through the use of BigCommerce Product Modifiers. As such, the locations and variations available are limited to places where BigCommerce product modifiers can be set/selected - currently the PDP.

Monthly Frequency

Subscriptions renew on a set day of each month. Your customers can change this date at any time.
If a customer selects the 29th-31st of the month, eventually their orders will move to the 28th and place on the 28th going forward. Order volumes for the 29th-31st of the month will be lower than average with a spike on the 28th of the month, as your program matures.

Client Payment Vaulting Payment is vaulted in BigCommerce at time of purchase, and managed in the BigCommerce wallet. Existing subscribers can update the payment method used for their subscriptions by updating the default payment method in their BigCommerce wallet. Ordergroove does not store token information and recurring orders are placed using the card that is set as the default payment method in the BigCommerce wallet.

Enrollment Options

BigCommerce product modifiers control customer ability to opt in to subscriptions. Adding a product modifier for subscription options is controlled entirely in BigCommerce.



Enrollment Styling

Subscription enrollment is controlled natively within BigCommerce, so all enablement, styling, functionality, and page positioning is controlled directly in BigCommerce.

Product Specific Default Frequency

As subscription enrollment is controlled natively within BigCommerce, the available frequencies for products are controlled by the BigCommerce Product Modifier options you allow (whether shared/the same for all products, or unique to each product.)

Program Frequency Range

The subscription frequencies available in the Subscription Manager that existing subscribers may choose to use when managing their subscription. This should be inclusive of all available frequencies and is a program-wide setting.

Shipping Rate

Shipping Rate for recurring orders is the cheapest available method/rate for the product and cannot be changed. Ordergroove can enable a shipping coupon that is passed into BigCommerce with recurring orders should you need to discount the rate further.

Subscriber Experience

After subscribing, customers can control their subscriptions in the Subscription Manager and will receive email communication based on specific actions and automated triggers.



Subscription Manager Styling

You can customize the look, feel, and copy of the Subscription Manager, using the styling tools available within your Ordergroove Admin. These styling tools include the option to add, edit, or style copy, font size, font family, font color, font emphasis, button color, button size, hover states, links, modal windows, info toast customization (limited), and padding of the existing Subscription Manager layout.

Changes to existing copy can be completed by most business users. Most changes to design elements require a front-end developer.

SKU Swap Allows a customer to change the product of their subscription (for example swap from one size or color to another) within the Subscription Manager. This is a permanent change to the subscription product and will be used for all orders going forward unless the customer changes products again.
Subscription Manager Cancel Reasons

Allows a customer to choose from a predefined set of cancel reasons within the Subscription Manager when canceling a subscription. Ordergroove will provide the following standard cancel reasons:

  • Overstocked
  • Stopped Using
  • Too Expensive
  • Not What I Expected
  • Switched Products
  • Trouble Managing
  • No Longer Needed
  • Other (Requires customer write-in)
Transactional Email Styling

You can use a standard WYSIWYG editor or access raw HTML source code to style your emails. This includes the ability to add or edit copy, font, font size, font family, font color, font emphasis, special characters, tables, dynamic tags, template customizations, links, non-Ordergroove hosted images, numbered and bulleted lists, and horizontal lines.

Note: Not all fields available in transactional emails are supported for BigCommerce integrations.

Sent From Address

Emails are sent through Ordergroove's integration with SendGrid using the merchant’s business name and the email address <merchant_name> You can specify a custom reply-to address via Ordergroove email configuration settings.

Out of Stock (OOS) Management

Ordergroove automatically manages orders for items that are Out of Stock. If an order contains both OOS items and in-stock items, Ordergroove will break the OOS items out of the original order and create a new order with that item or items. Ordergroove will try to place this new order every day for 30 days. After 30 days, Ordergroove cancels the order. Emails are sent to impacted customers on Days 1, 15, and 30 of each month.

The subscription associated with an order canceled in the OOS flow will not be subject to cancellation; only the individual order containing the OOS items.

The next order for an item canceled in the OOS flow will place on its next order cycle, according to the chosen frequency.

The OOS logic is not customizable.

Discontinued Continuity

You can swap an old product ID for a new product ID, and automatically migrate all existing subscriptions to the new product. The migration can be done silently with no customer-facing communication (no Ordergroove transactional email notifying the customer of the change), or can include a specific transactional email notifying your customers that a product has been discontinued and swapped with another.

Business Growth and Promotions

Grow your subscription business by offering incentives for customers who choose to subscribe. Ordergroove also comes with quality-of-life improvements for your store like combining shipments within X days of each other and automatically switching a subscription product after checkout.



Subscription Discounts — Percentage (%) or Set Dollar Amount ($) Off

A percentage or dollar amount that is deducted from the product price or order subtotal.

  • A percentage (%) or set dollar amount ($) off the base price of an item based on the price sent in the product feed.
  • A percentage (%) or set dollar amount ($) off an order subtotal.
One-Time Discount (Appeasement) The Ordergroove/BigCommerce integration does not currently support order-level discounts, so One-Time Discounts are currently not supported/unavailable for BigCommerce merchants.
Instant Upsell

You can give customers the option to add additional products to their upcoming subscription order, with the same promotion as the subscription offer. Products can be added as one-time items, even if the product is not available for subscription, or as new subscriptions.

The same promotion is only supported for products eligible for Instant Upsell. The date range cannot be modified. Supported on your website only.

Because BigCommerce Product Modifiers are used for subscription enrollment, enabling Instant Upsell requires custom work to create Instant Upsell items/subscriptions via Ordergroove APIs. Documentation for this process can be provided by your Ordergroove Solutions Partner.

Buy X, Subscribe to Y You can automatically switch the customer from the initial product purchased at checkout to a different ongoing subscription product at the time of signup. This feature supports a 1:1 mapping of product IDs and cannot be used to create multiple subscriptions from a single item purchase. The Buy X, Subscribe to Y relationship is established and managed in the Ordergroove/BigCommerce app’s product configuration file.

Initial Order Incentives (IOI)

The subscription incentive that a customer received during the initial purchase through your website. This incentive can be configured directly in BigCommerce as a flat percentage or dollar amount off the item that includes a subscription Product Modifier.
Combination Savings If a customer has more than one subscription and in turn multiple orders, this tool provides the ability to define a sensitivity (for example 5 days) within which the next order closest in date will be combined with the current order before subscription order placement on BigCommerce. A maximum of two orders will be combined, and only if using the same shipping address and payment record. The order with the later ship date will be merged with the order with the nearer ship date.

Customer Management

Manage customer subscriptions in Ordergroove. Customer service agents can update customer information, merge duplicates, update email templates, and more.



Ordergroove User Management

Ordergroove will establish an admin user for your account, who can create new users using a default permissions set. If custom permissions are required, please notify your Ordergroove Solutions Partner.

Customer Service Agent Tools

Customer service agents have tools in Ordergroove that allows them to search and view customer subscriber records. This includes:

  • Review recent activity of customer records.
  • Edit, create, or delete customer personal and shipping information.
  • Change the date of an order, skip an order, send an order now.
  • Change the quantity or frequency of a subscription, as well as create additional subscriptions for existing subscribers.

Payment records cannot be created in Ordergroove.

Customer Merge A tool within Ordergroove to merge two customer records into a single customer record.
Transactional Email Notifications

Triggered and transactional emails Ordergroove sends out through an integration with SendGrid based on various program events and actions. These emails can be managed within Ordergroove and include relevant dynamic fields for each email type.

Transactional Email Types:

  • Bulk Subscription Started
  • Credit Card Expiration Warning
  • Item Out of Stock Day 1
  • Item Out of Stock Day 15
  • Item Out of Stock Day 30
  • Order Not Placed Credit Card Expired
  • Order Not Placed Credit Card Issue
  • Order Not Placed Generic Issue
  • Order Reminder
  • Reactivated Subscription
  • Subscription Canceled Item Discontinued
  • Subscription Canceled By Customer

Analytics and Reporting

Keep an eye on your revenue, track subscriber numbers, and upcoming orders with Ordergroove’s built-in analytics.



Ordergroove Analytics

Ordergroove’s analytics suite allows you to view program analytics directly in Ordergroove. This includes data such as active subscribers, active subscriptions, order revenue, subscriber retention rate, net subscribers added, net subscriptions added, activation revenue, enrollment conversion rate, orders places, average order value, subscriptions canceled, and order placement rate.

On-Demand Data Exports

Users can self-generate subscription, order, and inventory reports on-demand via Ordergroove.

Order Placement Utility A log for you to view order placement requests and response XMLs, which allows them to see details of the exact order placement information transferred between Ordergroove and BigCommerce in the past 90 days.

Technical Specifications and Support

Additional information about Ordergroove’s app, security, and level of support you can expect.



Integrated Checkout

Customers will complete their initial subscription purchase through the existing BigCommerce cart and checkout process.

Order Placement Hours Ordergroove places orders daily into BigCommerce for all orders that are scheduled that day based on subscription frequency. You can select the first hour of the day for Ordergroove to begin this process. All times are in CST. Further customization of order placement logic, including the rate at which orders are placed, or any specific logic beyond the settings available in the Ordergroove platform, is not available.
Web Browsers Supported

Edge 79+ Firefox 63+ Chrome 54+ Safari 10.3+

Transactional Email Styling

You can use a standard WYSIWYG editor or access raw HTML source code to style your emails. This includes the ability to add or edit copy, font, font size, font family, font color, font emphasis, special characters, tables, dynamic tags, template customizations, links, non-Ordergroove hosted images, numbered and bulleted lists, and horizontal lines.

Note: Not all fields available in transactional emails are supported for BigCommerce integrations.

Ordergroove Integration Support

Ordergroove will provide a designated Solutions team member to guide you through integration via an agreed upon timeline, checkpoint calls, and support tickets as needed. The limits and SLAs of this support are defined within the Order Form and Master Services Agreement.

Ongoing Technical Support

Ordergroove's team of support specialists will answer questions and resolve technical issues via ticket support. The limits and SLAs of this support are detailed within the Order Form and Master Services Agreement.

Integration, Design, Configuration & Ongoing Management

You will integrate your Ordergroove program into your BigCommerce store by utilizing Ordergroove’s BigCommerce application. An integration guide and associated configuration requirements will be provided at project kickoff. You will also self-design, develop, configure, and launch your end-to-end relationship commerce experience by utilizing Ordergroove's platform. You will also use the tools available to you within the Ordergroove platform to edit and manage your program after going live.

Custom Development

Ordergroove offers additional flexibility to serve the needs of a wide variety of custom requirements. Additional features are outlined in the Ordergroove Service and Feature Glossary.

Note: The additional features and functionality described in the Advanced Features Glossary and the Custom Development Glossary or elsewhere in Ordergroove’s Knowledge Center may require additional scoping, development time, and/or changes to your agreement. Please contact your Ordergroove representative if you would like to discuss any features not explicitly listed above.