Setting Product Subscription Frequencies

Subscription Frequencies determine how often a customer is charged and shipped your product. Ordergroove charges customers based on the Frequency they choose during checkout, which you set in the Ordergroove Admin. 

This article takes you through the specific steps to set up Subscription Frequencies. For general information, take a look at Product Configuration and Frequencies


Set Your Program-Wide Frequency Ranges

Program-Wide Subscription Frequencies control the deliver every options your customers can choose from when they add a product to their cart.


  1. Log in to Ordergroove.
  2. Select Subscriptions on the top toolbar and Subscription Settings.
  3. Scroll down to the Available Frequencies section, and add as many Subscription Frequencies as you like.
  4. Once you're finished, scroll back to the top and hit Save.

Set a Program-Wide Default Frequency

A Program-Wide Default Frequency is an optional but recommended setting. If you offer multiple frequencies, the default is the option that pre-loads when a customer opens a product page.

  1. Log in to Ordergroove.
  2. Hover over Subscriptions on the top toolbar, and click Enrollment.
  3. Click on the Subscription Offer you want to modify.
  4. Scroll down and click on the Settings section to open the dropdown menu.
  5. Select the Default Frequency for the subscription, and click Save on the bottom right.


Optional - Set Product Specific Default Frequencies

Program-Wide Default Frequencies modify all of your products at once. But what if you want to mix and match defaults, setting a 2-month default frequency for one product and a 3-month default frequency for another? That's where Product Specific Default Frequencies come in.

Instead of setting a Program-Wide Default Frequency, you can set frequencies specific to individual products.

  1. Log in to Ordergroove.
  2. Hover over Data on the top toolbar and select Products.
  3. Click Export on the top right.
  4. Your browser will download a .CSV spreadsheet. Open up the file when it's finished. Note: We recommend duplicating the file before you make any changes. The original untouched file can act as a backup.
  5. Every product that you offer will get it's own row. For each product that you want to add a Product Specific Default Frequency, fill out their Every and Every Period. Take a look at the table below for more information.
  6. Save your updated CSV spreadsheet file, and go back to Ordergroove > Products. Click Import and locate your CSV.
Column Description Example
every The number of days, weeks, or months in between charges. This column only accepts a number. Let's say we want the default to be every 14 days, we put 14 in this column.

The frequency period. This column also only accepts the following:

  • Days
  • Weeks
  • Months
In the same example of every 14 days, this column will have Days.


Products that you skip over or do not set a Product Specific Default Frequency will default to the Program-Wide Default Frequency when customers load the product page.

Note: Frequencies set in the Product Configuration CSV file must also match an available option from Subscription Settings. If for example you try to set a 2 Month default but it's not in settings, no changes will be made to the product.

Additional Information