Add 1-Click to Klaviyo Flows

Reduce friction and frustration by giving your customers the opportunity to update their subscriptions with 1-Click actions. This guide will take you through what 1-Click is, how to add links to Klaviyo, and lists out all currently available actions.

Note: This feature is in early development. We're actively testing it, so the listed actions are subject to change and grow without advance notice.

How 1-Click Works

1-Click actions are unique and secure URLs you can send to your customers through email and SMS messages. When clicked on, they will perform a specific pre-determined action such as reactivating a churned subscription.

Let’s follow the same example, say a customer wants to resubscribe to your product. Normally they would have to find your Subscriber Dashboard on the store homepage, log in, locate the subscription, and click to reactivate it; or go through checkout again. With 1-Click actions, you can cut down all of those steps to just one: clicking on their unique URL.

What 1-Click URLs look like

1-Click actions piggyback off of Ordergroove’s API, so all of the URLs will look similar:

  • <STORE_URL>: Your store’s homepage or a different landing page you want to direct customers to
  • <ACTION>: The action that you want to perform, taken from the list below
  • <TOKEN_STRING>: Generated by Ordergroove and stored in Klaviyo

Enabling 1-Click for your store

Shopify BigCommerce Platform Agnostic

During the open beta Ordergroove has to enable 1-Click Actions for you. Please submit a support ticket and we’ll set everything up.

1-Click actions need to point to a URL that has Ordergroove’s main.js script tag, and can not be in the My Account section.


Adding 1-Click to Klaviyo

1-Click Actions can be added to Klaviyo Campaigns and Flows; to both SMS and email messages. The process is slightly different depending on the type of message:

Add 1-Click action to an email

  1. Log in to Klaviyo. Open an existing email message you would like to add a 1-Click action to, or create a new one.
  2. Add a new button to your email template.
  3. Copy one of the sample code snippets listed below and paste it into the button’s URL field.
  4. Replace <STORE_URL> with your store homepage.
  5. Save and exit.


Add 1-Click action to an SMS message

  1. Log in to Klaviyo. Open an existing SMS message you would like to add a 1-Click action to, or create a new one.
  2. Copy one of the sample code snippets listed below and paste it into your message.
  3. Replace <STORE_URL> with your store homepage.
  4. Save Content.


Testing 1-Click Actions

  1. Mark the flow as Manual in Klaviyo.
  2. Set up a subscription in Ordergroove, and change the order to send one day past the trigger in Klaviyo. Ex: set it for 5 days if the reminder is triggered at day 4.
  3. Wait for order placement to run the next day. The event should show in Klaviyo, where you can test the 1-click in the preview.

Available 1-Click Actions

The following is a list of all available 1-Click Actions along with an example URL. 1-Click Actions is under active development, and this list will grow as we build out the program.

Delay Shipment

Delays a subscribers upcoming shipment by 14 days. The number of days to delay can optionally be overwritten as a URL parameter.

  • Action: delay
  • Sample Code (w/ on-site confirmation via Ordergroove JS):
  • Sample Code (via API):{{days}}&token={{event.action_token}}

Reactivate Subscription

Reactivates a customer’s subscription. The first order date is set to the next day. The customer will get charged the next day, and will resume all previous subscription settings such as frequency and quantity.

  • Action: reactivate
  • Sample Code (w/ on-site confirmation via Ordergroove JS):
  • Sample Code (via API):{{event.action_token}}

One-Time Product Upsell

Adds an item to a customer's upcoming order. Requires the ordergroove product id of the item you want to add to the order.

⚠️ Setup

One-Time Product Upsell requires Ordergroove's help to add to your account. Please reach out to support, and we'll get it activated for you.

  • Action: upsell
  • Sample Code (w/ on-site confirmation via Ordergroove JS):
  • Sample Code (via API):{{id}}&token={{event.action_


1-Click Upsell with Subscriber Dash before and after copy.gif






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