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Template Overview

The Subscription Manager consists of templates. You can change these templates to alter the layout or even inject your own content as you see fit.

Abbreviated List of Available Templates

Below you will find a list of all available templates and their purpose. The rendering of the Subscription Manager will always start with the main.liquid file. The main.liquid file is required and will act as the entry-point into modifying the templates for your Subscriber Manageer. You are free to move partials around or even create your own partial templates and then use them within the theme.

Template Name Description
main.liquid This is the main template. You can modify this template to change the container, title, and other high-level sections which make up the Ordergroove Subscription Manager
orders-processing.liquid This template displays a customer's orders that are in the processing status. An order can go into this status once a customer chooses the "Send Now" action in their Subscription Manager. Orders which are in this state cannot be modified by the customer.
orders-unsent.liquid This template is used to render all of the customer's upcoming orders and active subscriptions records.
inactive-subscriptions.liquid This template displays all of the customer's deactivated subscriptions.
cancel-subscription.liquid This template contains the cancel subscription content. A customer will see this content when they attempt to cancel one of their subscriptions.
change-date.liquid This template contains content that is displayed when a customer attempts to change their next order date for a given order.
change-shipment-address.liquid This template shows content that allows a customer to change the shipping address associated with their subscription.
reactivate-subscription.liquid This template contains content that is displayed when a customer attempts to re-activate an inactive subscription.
send-now.liquid This template shows content that a customer sees when they try to use the "Send Now" functionality of the Subscription Manager for a given upcoming order. (Note that this action puts the order into a "processing" status.)
skip.liquid This template contains content that a customer sees when they attempt to skip an upcoming order.