Domain Objects

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Frequency is the cadence at which orders associated with a given optin are placed. Frequency is a tuple consisting of "every" and "every period". "Every period" may be either days, weeks, months, or years, represented as 1, 2, 3, and 4, respectively. "Every" is a multiple applied to period and may be any positive integer excluding 0. Together, "every" and "every period" are represented as a string separated by an underscore.



Frequency Description
1_1 Every 1 day
2_1 Every 2 days
4_2 Every 4 weeks
4_3 Every 4 months

List of Frequencies

A list of frequencies is a space-separate list offrequencies. A list of frequencies is represented as a string.



List of Frequencies Description
1_3 2_3 3_3 Every 1 month, every two months, every three months


List of Product Components

A list of product components is a space-separated list of products that, together, comprise a single product. One may find this useful for representing bundles or boxes.



List of Product Components Description
foo bar baz The product is comprised of the products foo, bar, and baz

Offer Type

Offer type refers to the type of user interface element that is displayed for an offer. Offer type is an enumerated string that may be either "radio", "select", or "toggle".