Updating Subscription Price or Discount via Ordergroove

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Updating Subscription Price

Merchants with price locking enabled can adjust the price of a subscription from the customers tab of Ordergroove. Please note that with price locked subscriptions the price of the subscription will not be updated when the product price changes. If you are not currently using price locking and would like to, please reach out to your Ordergroove team for assistance.

Unlocked Subscription

An unlocked subscription means the subscription price is equal to the product price. An unlocked subscription looks like this in the customers tab:


To lock a subscription, simply adjust the price of the subscription in the available input field, and then click "save".

Locked Subscription

A locked subscription means the price of the subscription is different than the current product price, and has been set via either the Ordergroove Admin or Ordergroove's APIs. A locked subscription looks like this in the customers tab:


To unlock a subscription, click the lock icon to unlock to prompt a confirmation window. Click "OK" to confirm and then click "save".


Updating Subscription Discount

Merchants can adjust the discount associated with a subscription at any time. Please note that the discount displayed in the dropdown will be the base discount that has been enabled and may not reflect any advanced configurations made by your Ordergroove team. To update the discount for a particular subscription click on the following dropdown, select a new discount, and then click "save".