Guided Selling - Personalize product discovery



What is Guided Selling?

Guided selling is the ability to gather customer product preferences through quizzes in the discovery process, in order to suggest products curated to the customer’s responses. 


Why is Guided Selling beneficial?

Guided selling streamlines product discovery, which eliminates friction in the shopping experience and is attractive to customers looking for convenience. A personalized experience helps generate brand loyalty, which translates to greater customer lifetime value.

How does Ordergroove enable Guided Selling?

With Ordergroove, you are able to display a subscription enrollment experience when the results of the quiz send a customer to a PDP. With some additional development work, subscription choices can be selected throughout the customer journey vs outputting to a PDP.



Creating this experience will require work from your development team or your technology partners. If you would like to discuss possible customizations to this experience, please contact Ordergroove for a consultation.

The enrollment experience (landing page) must be designed and hosted by your team or agency.


Functional Summary
  • Merchants can guide a customer through a series of questions that will output a recommended product or products to subscribe to.
Areas Impacted
  • Subscription Enrollment
  • Cart
  • Ordergroove owning the guided selling experience
  • Integrations into guided selling applications that do not use the default site capabilities and/or do not work with Ordergroove tags and standard add to cart functionality
  • Merchant builds the guided selling front end experience
  • Merchant either tracks the subscription enrollment and adds the selling plan(s) to the Shopify cart or uses the Ordergroove widget to capture frequency within the journey where the add to cart function is clicked. 
Resources Required

Client / Systems Integrator

  • Front end developer to create the guided selling experience and either tag the Ordergroove offer on the add to cart section of the flow, or write the selling plans to the cart based on the details outlined below.


How To Set Up Guided Selling

For detailed instructions on setting up guided selling, take a look at Guided Selling in our Developer Documentation.