Accounts and Guest Checkout on Shopify

When a customer purchases a subscription on your site, Ordergroove will associate the subscription with the email address used at checkout, whether the customer has an account with your store or not. Based on the needs of your business, you may choose to require customer accounts or allow for guest checkout.

We'll discuss both account required and guest checkout in this article and why you might consider one over the other.


You can read more about enabling or disabling customer accounts on Shopify's help center.


Accounts required

  • Some sites require customers to have an account when checking out. While this may lead to an overall lower rate of conversion, you'll get higher intent customers with better customer data.
  • If your site requires accounts at checkout, customers who purchase subscriptions will have their subscription associated with their account after they complete checkout. There will be the least amount of friction for your subscribers to manage their subscriptions, since they already have an account set up.


Guest checkout enabled

  • Enabling guest checkout for your store provides a lower barrier to purchase and helps improve conversion and reduce cart abandonment.
  • Ordergroove does support customers purchasing a subscription as a guest. We'll associate the subscription with the email address the customer used during checkout when they purchased their subscription.
  • There can be some friction for your subscribers who checked out as a guest when they want to manage their subscription, since they don't already have an account set up. If a subscriber who does not have an account wants to manage their subscription, they will need to create an account on your site using the same email address as the one they purchased their subscription with. 
    • Once they create an account and log in, they will be able to view and manage their subscription details from the Subscription Management Interface embedded on your site.

Tip: to help reduce customer confusion about how to manage their subscriptions, include information in your Ordergroove transactional emails about creating an account on your site to access subscription details.