Moving from Draft Order APIs to Subscription APIs

If you’re on Shopify, you might be interested in moving to the latest version of our integration. This version uses Shopify's new Subscription APIs, allowing deeper integration between Ordergroove and Shopify. Below are some details on the benefits to you as a merchant, changes to the consumer experience, and how we can upgrade your integration.


Moving to the Subscription APIs will make your integration better tied into Shopify’s existing payment infrastructure, meaning:

  • Payments are now handled entirely by Shopify
    • All payment controls are through Shopify’s admin, such as refunds, payment pending, fulfillment-based capture, and fraud prevention.
  • PayPal Express support
  • Accelerated checkout support (Shop Pay)
  • Payment Wallets (G Pay, Apple Pay)


Additionally, Shopify is committed to investing further into these Subscription APIs, meaning your integration will only continue to gain new features and reliability. 

Changes to Consumer Experience

  1. You will have to upgrade to the newer version of the Subscriber Dashboard page.
    1. Shopify’s new security standards for the Subscriber Dashboard mean that the Subscriber Dashboard can no longer be embedded onto an existing page.
    2. Our liquid snippet will create a button that links to the full page Subscriber Dashboard.
    3. You can continue to style the Subscriber Dashboard in Ordergroove, but you may also need some styling in your theme’s CSS to ensure sizing and width.
  2. Payment updates are a different experience.
    1. When using Shopify’s Subscription APIs, customers update their payment through a Shopify-hosted page.
    2. Customers can click a button below the Subscriber Dashboard that sends an email to them.
    3. This email provides a secure link that goes back to Shopify, where customers can update their credit card information.
    4. These updates will propagate to Shopify and Ordergroove for all subscriptions for that customer.
    5. You can customize this email via the “Notifications” settings within Shopify.
  3. Some features are unsupported at this time:
    1. Cart Offers
      1. While this is currently a limitation, we are actively working on this to bring Cart Offers to all merchants using the Subscription APIs (available Q3 2022).
    2. Buy X, Subscribe to Y
    3. First Order Place Date



If you are comfortable with the changes to the consumer experience outlined above, then there are only two other requirements:

  • You must be using today.
  • You must continue to use or switch to Shopify Payments.


If you decide to switch to Shopify Payments, please work with your Shopify Merchant Success Manager and your Ordergroove Success Manager to determine the best path forward.


We will handle the entire integration upgrade. All you need to do is give Ordergroove access to your store and permission to create and publish themes. We will handle converting your site interface and backend data to the new integration. Doing so ensures you will not experience downtime of your site.


Some key points about the upgrade itself:

  • Customers will still be able to purchase subscriptions through your site.
  • However, customers will not be receiving their subscription orders until we complete the upgrade.
  • The upgrade can take up to a week, depending on the number of subscriptions we have to convert.
  • During the upgrade, customers will be unable to update their payment methods.


Overall, the process is as follows:

  1. Inform Ordergroove that you want to upgrade your integration. You can do so by emailing or speaking with your Success Manager.
  2. We will audit your site to prepare for the integration upgrade.
  3. Once the audit is complete, we will begin the upgrade process on our side.
  4. We will create a duplicate of your current live theme and upgrade the frontend assets of the duplicated theme.
  5. We will then test the duplicated theme to ensure that customers can continue to create subscriptions and publish that theme once testing is complete.
    • You may need to help confirm the styling for the Subscriber Dashboard page, as it might be an incorrect width or spacing for your site.
  6. At this point, we will also turn off Order Placement from Ordergroove.
  7. We will begin migrating your data to the new integration. This step is dependent on the size of your program and the number of subscriptions.
  8. Once complete, we will turn back Order Placement and do one final check.



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