Payment Gateways Supported for Shopify Subscriptions

If your current payment gateway setup on Shopify is not compatible with subscriptions, Ordergroove will not be able to process subscriptions correctly. You'll be able to see subscriptions on your site, but subscription information will not be passed to Ordergroove.

There are two reasons for this error. Either:

1. Your payment gateway is not set up on Shopify.

  • To set up your payment gateway, visit the Payments section in the admin settings in your Shopify store. Please note that your payment gateway must support subscriptions
  • To learn more about setting up your payment gateway, please visit Shopify’s guide on payments.

2. Your payment gateway is not supported for subscriptions.

  • Only certain payment gateways are supported for subscriptions. Supported gateways include: Shopify Payments, Paypal Express,, and Stripe.
  • To use Ordergroove, you need to have one of the supported gateways enabled for your store.
  • To learn more, please visit Shopify’s guide on supported subscription payment gateways.