Connecting Ordergroove to your Shopify theme

If you are updating your theme on Shopify, you may need to reconnect Ordergroove to the new theme. You can do this from the Ordergroove app in a few quick steps. 


1. Open the Ordergroove app.

2. Open the Advanced Shopify Settings page. The location of this page may differ:

  • Option A: Click the gear icon in the bottom left corner to open the settings page.
  • Option B: From the top menu go to Settings > Shopify Integration. At the bottom of the page click "Advanced Shopify integration settings can be found on Shopify's Settings page"

3. Scroll down to the "Theme Setup" section.

4. From the dropdown, select the new theme that you'd like to connect Ordergroove with.

5. Click the button that says "add latest liquid partials". This will add Ordergroove's code snippets to the theme you selected.