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The Product Feed is a file that is transmitted via SFTP to our platform on a recurring basis, to allow us to keep synchronized with your product information. This feed should contain all products, regardless of whether they are eligible for subscriptions or not. We check for the existence of these files every 30 minutes, so you can provide a new copy as often as once every 30 minutes.

If the product feed is not sent continuously throughout the day it is highly recommended that the product feed run prior to order placement run-time, in order to prevent any orders from being rejected for out of stock issues.

The product feed should be created with the following format:

Filename: <MERCHANT_ID>.Products.xml
Drop site location: <SFTP_SITE>

Note: Any applicable field containing special characters (e.g. &, trademark symbols, accents, etc.) must be wrapped in CDATA. Best practice is to always wrap product names and category names in CDATA at a minimum.



<name><![CDATA[Product XYZ]]></name>
<groups> // These fields are optional
<group type="sku_swap"><![CDATA[Product Group A]]></group>
<group type="incentive"><![CDATA[Incentive Group A]]></group>
<autoship_eligible>1</autoship_eligible> //Optional
<discontinued>0</discontinued> //Optional
<extra_data> //Optional
<field key="variant_name">Size X</field>
<relationships> //These fields are optional
<every>6</every> //Optional
<every_period>2</every_period> //Optional

Field Definition

Field Description Data Type Validation
name The name of the product String, up to 1024 characters  
product_id The unique identifier of the product in your database String, up to 64 characters  
sku The product's SKU String, up to 64 characters  



Used for SKU Swap and Incentives. All products assigned to the same group will be swappable between each other String, up to 64 characters  
price The price of the product Decimal up to 99999999.99 Must be a decimal (not wrapped in quotation marks), must have two digits after decimal point. This should not be set to anything other than what the customer should be charged (shouldn't change to $0, for example)
details_url Fully qualified URL of the product details page String, up to 400 characters  

Fully qualified URL of the product's image file

String, up to 400 characters Note: Must be HTTPS



A flag that marks the product as eligible for subscription

0 = not eligible

1 = eligible

Tinyint(1) Must be 1 or 0 as a value, must not be wrapped in quotation marks
in_stock A flag that marks the product as available in terms of inventory. 1=In stock, 0=Out of Stock. A product can become temporarily out of stock, which will temporarily stop orders being placed with that product. Additionally, no checkout flow offers will be served for out of stock products, but impulse upsell offers will be served as the product may come back in stock prior to order placement Tinyint(1) Must be 1 or 0 as a value, must not be wrapped in quotation marks



An optional flag that marks the product as no longer available.

0=Not discontinued

When we receive a discontinued flag, all subscriptions with that product will be cancelled and the customer will be notified via email. If a product is discontinued, it must be ineligible for autoship
(autoship_eligible = 0)
out of stock (in_stock = 0)
Tinyint(1) Must be 1 or 0 as a value, must not be wrapped in quotation marks.

NOTE: In order to discontinue a product it must also be marked as Not Eligible and Out of Stock.



The value to be displayed in the SKU swap dropdown. Optional field - can be used to display a name other than the full product name String, up to 1024 characters  



This is where the related product ID can be defined for discontinued product replacement SKU swap. The relationship name within this node will determine if an e-mail will be triggered. If the relationship name = discontinued_silent_replacement, subscribers will NOT be informed of the swap. If the relationship name = discontinued_replacement, an e-mail will be sent to all subscribers of the product to inform them of the swap.

NOTE: The subscriber will only be notified once the swap has been completed.
String, up to 64 characters  



The number of days, weeks, or months used in order to specify a product-specific default frequency. INT, up to 10 characters  



The frequency period used in order to specify a product-specific default frequency where:
1 = days
2 = weeks
3 = months
4 = years
INT, up to 6 characters Example:

The above example translates into 4 weeks


The type of product, default is standard.

  • standard
  • static price bundle
  • dynamic price bundle

product_type will always be set to standard if nothing is provided. On product creation can be set to a bundle type.

product_type cannot be changed after product creation