How to convert your customers/account page to support Online Store 2.0

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Our technical documentation is now hosted in our Developer Documentation. This article has already migrated; check it out there. The Knowledge Center version will be retired on April 29th, 2024.

Many Online Store 2.0 themes don’t support blocks on the customers/account page. This page is where Ordergroove adds a link to direct customers to their Subscription Manager. You can modify your Online Store 2.0 theme to support blocks on the customers/account page.


This documentation from Shopify covers how to convert your theme to allow blocks and other Online Store 2.0 features. After you adapt your theme, you can add Ordergroove’s Subscription Manager block by going to your Themes page and clicking the ‘Customize’ button to go to the theme editor. In the theme editor, navigate to your customers/account page and then click ‘Add block’ to select Ordergroove’s Subscription Manager block. For more information on how you use Shopify’s theme editor and Online Store 2.0 features, you can refer to Shopify’s documentation here.