Custom Platform Integration Estimations

Below you will find a high-level estimate of the effort it will take from your development or business team to implement each integration step with Ordergroove. The detail below includes what kind of resource you will need for each of the steps.

Note: The timeframes provided are general estimates and should not be taken at face value. Official estimates of hours for each task should come from your development and business team directly. 

Custom Platform

Integration Step Hours Resource Article Link Notes


Tag Front End Elements


10+ Front End Dev Resource Article ➤  


Implement BE Components - Product Feed, Sub Creation, Order Placement


35+ Back End Dev Resource Article ➤  


Implement Web Services - Customer and Token Updates


8+ Site Dev Resource Article ➤  
Configure and Test Enrollment and IU Offer Design 10+ HTML and CSS Resource Article ➤ Hours depend on the complexity of the design
Fill out the product config file 5+ Business Admin Article ➤ Hours depend on the volume of products


Configure your recurring promotions


1 Business Admin Article ➤  
Set up the initial order incentives on your site 5+ Resource familiar with site cart Promotions   Hours depend on the scope of the initial order incentive
Create and style transactional subscription emails 10+ Email HTML and CSS Resource Article ➤ Hours depend on email design complexity
Configure/Style Subscription Manager 10+ CSS Resource Article ➤ Dev resource needed if customizing beyond template


Configure general subscription settings


1 Business Admin Article ➤  
QA/UAT Testing 10-20 Business and Dev Resources Article ➤  
Migration 30-50+ JSON & API Development Resource Article ➤ Hours depend on the volume of the migration