Ordergroove Promotions Page (v2)

This article gives you an overview of the "Promotions" page within your Ordergroove admin. The page is broken down into sections for Discounts, Shipping Incentives, and Best Price Guarantee. You'll find some important information and useful tips for each section in the details below.

When choosing a promotion for your program, there are many things to consider. To help you guide you take a look at our choosing the right promotion article.


The discounts section allows you to the control the automatic savings applied when a customer subscribes. You can specify the discount for recurring subscription orders, and on Shopify you can also set the discount applied in the initial checkout. On Shopify you can also view and manage discount codes that the customer may apply for additional savings.


Key Features:

  • Easily create new automatic discounts for your subscribers
    • Determine whether or not to apply the new discount to existing subscribers by using the "Update All" functionality
    • Manage initial and recurring discounts from the same page
  • View a summary of all automatic discounts that have ever been live for your program
  • Edit or reactivate a previous automatic discount
  • Shopify merchants can view discount codes that have been configured for subscription and create new discount codes straight from Ordergroove

Important Notes:

  • Custom discounts that have been configured by your Ordergroove team will show a warning flag in the summary table and will not be editable from your Ordergroove admin
  • Discounts can be set to apply to individual items or to the order subtotal. Some eCommerce platforms do not support order level discounts out of the box so reach out to your Ordergroove team if you're unsure.

Shipping Incentives

In this section you can define the shipping rates that are used for recurring subscription orders, including the ability to offer free shipping.

Key Features:

  • Easily define shipping rates and free shipping settings for your program
  • Set international shipping rates as needed
  • Shopify merchants can toggle to use Shopify Shipping rates

Important Note:

  • The rates configured here apply to recurring orders only. You must define the shipping rate used on the initial order within your eCommerce platform.

Best Price Guarantee

Best Price Guarantee allows you to configure pricing logic that gives your subscribers the best price you've offered on your store over a given time period.