Order Placement Settings

You can configure your order placement settings such as time of day and number of retries within the Settings section of Ordergroove. In this article, we'll go through each of the settings and recommendations to get the most out of order recovery.


How it works

Ordergroove will charge your customer's orders and send them to your e-commerce platform starting at the same time each day. In most cases, orders are placed successfully and are immediately exported to your order management system. 

In the scenario where an order does not place successfully, it will be placed into a retry flow depending on the error code returned. Rejected orders that return a payment declined error, listed as a 140 code in your analytics, will wait a few days to increase the likelihood of recovering the order. Orders that return generic or connection errors will retry again a few hours later. 

Note: Ordergroove will not cancel the customer's subscription after repeated rejections.

Please refer to the detailed flowchart below for additional context.




You can configure your order placement settings within the Settings section of your Ordergroove Admin.

Note: Please review these changes carefully before saving them as they control your program's critical functions.

Standardize your order placement schedule

You can set your daily order placement to start anytime between 12AM and 11AM Central.  We will not send you any orders before the time you select below.  

If you want to turn off order placement - set this to Never.



Note: If you want to change the specific timing or cadence of declined orders that fall into the retry flow you can do so with Recovery Optimizer.

Advanced settings

There are two groups of errors that you may want to have retried later in the day (or not at all).

Generic Errors

These errors serve as a catch-all for a variety of order processing issues. Inventory discrepancy is a common cause. You can dig into specific error messages in the rejection section of the Order Analytics page. Use the Generic Error settings to choose what time these orders should begin retrying.

Connection Errors

This happens when Ordergroove sends your system an order and we don't hear back before the request times out. In this case, we don't know if the order went through or failed on your end.  Please be extra careful retrying these orders as they could lead to duplicate charges.

Endpoint Settings

Username & Password:

If you need a username and password to access your API order placement endpoint, enter them under the Username and Password headings. The password will be hidden to protect your platform’s security. If you don’t require a username and password for order placement, this section can remain blank.


Enter the full URL for the API order placement endpoint where your recurring orders will be sent.  The endpoint is needed by Ordergroove to send orders to your eCommerce platform for fulfillment successfully and can be changed at any time. Once the order is processed, you should send Ordergroove a success, rejected, or error response, based on the order’s status.
If the order placement endpoint is removed, orders will fail during their placement hour, triggering a transactional email regarding the failed order to customers who have their settings configured to receive these messages.