Testing and QA of Your Migration File

Conducting testing and QA of your migration file prior to going live is essential to ensure there are no errors or issues.

Note: Before a full production subscription migration, we strongly encourage you to migrate 1-5 existing subscriptions associated with members of your business or tech team to help test the integrity and accuracy of the data.

You should
NOT import a real customer from outside your organization for testing purposes as they will be charged and receive transactional emails from Ordergroove. With the migrated customer(s), we advise the below QA checklist to ensure a seamless cutover experience for your legacy customers once live.

Order Placement

Once the subscription is imported into Ordergroove’s database, it will place orders back to your store on the cadence specified. It is essential to confirm that the recurring orders are placing as expected and include the expected information.

Click "Send Now" in the Subscription Manager or Ordergroove Admin to send a recurring order to your Order Placement endpoint at the next order placement hour.

  Was the Order Successful?
  Does the product information look correct?
  Does the discount & final price look correct?
  Is all required customer data to successfully charge a customer received?
  If possible, try to fail an order with bad data or by rejecting payment with your payment gateway.

Incentives Reflected Accurately

Your legacy imported customers may include a variety of different incentives that are configured for recurring orders. If you choose to use Ordergroove incentives, they will be applied to recurring orders before placing them into your store. It is important to confirm that the incentive logic is working, whether a standard incentive that applies to all orders or more sophisticated incentives that should be tested individually.

Evaluate the recurring orders that Ordergroove has placed.

  Is the incentive represented correctly?
  If a percentage discount or dollar amount off, is it correct?
  For advanced promotions like Nth order discounts, are these applying as expected (you may need to trigger multiple orders for a customer to verify) - Add On Package Only

Evaluate the Subscription Manager

  For upcoming orders that should receive a discount, is the discount reflected accurately in the upcoming order view?

Test all functionality that customers can use to manage their subscription

  If billing is client-hosted, ensure it redirects back to the customer’s payment wallet or form to update payment.
  Change order date: did the order date update successfully?
  Change quantity: did the quantity update successfully?
  Change frequency: did the quantity update successfully?
  Cancel a subscription: Did this trigger cancel reasons and cancel correctly?
  Reactivate a subscription: Did the subscription reactivate and create the next order?
  Send Now: Does the customer service information look correct?
  Update billing information
  Update shipping information

To conduct QA on your program prior to launching, click here.