BigCommerce Migration File

Migration File Requirements

The BigCommerce Middleware App will require one specific piece of payment data for the Migration FIle — the expiration date of the customer's default payment method in order for your to capture funds for recurring orders. Within the JSON file, you will be required to include this field to successfully tap into the customer’s payment wallet during recurring order placement.
The expiration date will need to be formatted as
MM/YYYY.  If you are importing PayPal records, the Expiration Date must reflect 12/2099 for all PayPal records.

The BigCommerce integration does not require a payment token, as the BigCommerce customer ID will be leveraged to tap into the customer's payment wallet. While the BigCommerce App does not require a payment token, the import file validation does look for one. You will include the BigCommerce customer ID as the payment token.

You will also need to include a Billing Address within the file.
Note, the BigCommerce App will not validate billing addresses, nor will it be present to a customer on the UI. If no billing address is stored, you can use the customer's shipping address to complete the file.

Default Payment Method

Downstream of Ordergroove, a customer must have a default payment method in their payment wallet. If a default payment method is not provided and stored, the orders will fail with a 110 error and a message stating that “The customer does not have a default payment record’.

Please reach out to your BigCommerce TAM or the BigCommerce Support team for assistance in setting default payment methods in imported customers' Payment Wallets. If you are importing PayPal records, you will need to set the user Billing Agreement.
Please contact your PayPal or Braintree representative for assistance in storing the agreements.