Shopify and Stripe Error Troubleshooting

Stripe made a change to its platform in July 2021. After this change, Stripe customers can only connect one Platform to a Stripe account at any one time. A Platform is defined as a service that reads and writes permissions on Stripe, such as Shopify, Point-of-Sale systems, etc. More information can be found here on Stripe security documentation.

When you added Stripe to your store as an alternate gateway, Stripe may have forced you to create a new account instead of using the one that has all your customers. You can verify this by going to your Stripe account and under Settings > Account Details check the account number against what's on Shopify. Make sure that you have the right account selected on the top account switcher.




If your account numbers do not match, then you'll need to perform the following steps. To start off, go ahead and deactivate Stripe from Shopify, using the above screenshot.

Revoke ReCharge

Back in Stripe, find the right account to use. This should be the account that has all the revenue from ReCharge and has the customers from ReCharge. Once you have selected the right account in Stripe, go to Settings and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click on Authorized Applications.


You might have more than one platform here, so you'll need to revoke all of them. In our case, we have ReCharge, so we'll need to revoke that application.


Now that we've revoked all the platforms connected to this account, we can connect this account back to Shopify.

Add Stripe Again

You can follow the method outlined here to connect Stripe back to Shopify. This time Shopify should give you the choice of which Stripe account to connect. Choose the correct one, and then verify that the account numbers match.
Once you do, you should be all set!

Re-Import Payment Methods

If had already connected Stripe but accidentally connected the wrong account, you may have some Order Placement errors that come back as "Payment method was revoked." This indicates that the wrong Stripe account is still connected to the Shopify store. You'll need to go through the steps above to add the correct Stripe account to the store. Any customers who were affected by this error can still go and update their credit cards for the time being and unaffected customers should be resolved once the correct Stripe account is connected.