Shopify Integration Guide

This article will guide you through how to integrate Ordergroove into your Shopify store using the Ordergroove app. If you'd like to see a video walkthrough (3 minutes), please click here.

Step 1: Add the Ordergroove App

Go to the app store listing: Ordergroove Subscriptions App Listing and click the Add app button to begin the installation process.


Step 2: Start the Installation

Once you see the below screenshot, click on the Install app button. 


Once the app is successfully installed, you’ll be greeted with the welcome screen.
Once here, click the Next button to proceed.


Step 3: Choose a Subscription Product

Choose your first subscription product and then click the Next button to continue. Once you do, you’ll see the offer that customers will see on your product detail pages:


This is the default offer that we show to our customers and can be customized further later on.
For now, click the Next button to proceed.  


Step 4: Choose a Theme To Install Into

Choose a Shopify theme that you wish to add the Ordergroove experience into and click the Next button. You can choose your currently published theme or choose another copy if you want to preview the experience first.


Step 5: Complete the Installation

Once you click the Next button, we’ll continue and do automatically set up the rest of the installation, which should take roughly two minutes to complete.


Once we’re done, you’re ready to start offering subscriptions!

If you click the Start selling subscriptions now button, we will begin to show subscription sign-up options on your site for the product you selected.
If you aren't ready to start selling subscriptions just yet click the I need to make more changes option.


By clicking the Start selling subscriptions now button, we’ll enable the offer on the theme you previously selected. 


By clicking the See Ordergroove live on your store button, you can see what the production subscription offer looks like on the associated Product Detail Page.


That’s it! You now have a fully functional installation of Ordergroove!

Next Steps: