Create a redemption module for Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals

When adding a new module instance on Yotpo, you will be able to select between one-time redeemable coupons (ie. regular Shopify coupons) and subscription redeemable coupons (ie. Ordergroove coupons).
Once you have completed the campaign setup, you can configure the new redemption options — Ordergroove Fixed Amount and Ordergroove Percentage — which will appear only for merchants who added the Ordergroove integration.


These coupons can then be used in the Redeem Points (Interactive) module, and apply only to recurring subscription orders. The first order of the subscription happens at checkout and uses regular Shopify coupons.


Note: Ordergroove coupons must be set as redeemable coupons and not as direct coupons

As Ordergroove coupons are automatically applied to the customer’s next subscription, redeemable coupons will be registered with the Redeem Points module and will not allow the customer to go through with the action if they do not have an active subscription where the discount can be applied.

The module is not able to register direct coupons in the same way, which means the customer might "waste" a coupon on a non-existent subscription. 

Adding on-site modules

After creating the Ordergroove coupons in the Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals admin, you can create a Redeem Points (Interactive) module to implement on-site.

As you add a new module instance, you will be able to select between one-time purchase coupons (i.e. regular fixed amount coupons) and subscription coupons (i.e. Ordergroove coupons).


The module will display the next order details and allow the customer to redeem points for a discount on that order. The discount will be applied automatically via API — no discount codes are needed.

You will need to add this module to your customer's account section. This can be added on a separate page or you can add it to the same page where you have the Subscription Manager. This module is separate from the Subscription Manager, so it cannot be embedded into it.


Seeing the Discounts in Ordergroove

When an order is pulled up in Ordergroove, you will be able to see the discount amount under the One Time Discount section, as shown below.



Note: Currently, the One Time Discount section will not specify if the discount originated from Yotpo Loyalty.
The customer-facing Subscription Manager will also not specify if the discount originated from Yotpo Loyalty.