How to handle canceled or skipped orders


The Yotpo <> Ordergroove integration allows a customer to redeem points on their next upcoming order. However, if they cancel or skip that order, then the points are effectively lost to them. As of September 8th, 2021, an automated way to handle this situation does not exist. 


A customer who encounters this situation will most likely reach out to you and ask for their points back or to get another discount. This can be done in two ways: adjusting a customer's points balance in Yotpo or giving them a discount on Ordergroove. 


Adjusting a Customer's Points Balance

This is the recommended way to resolve the situation.

In the Yotpo Loyalty admin, you can find a customer and manually adjust the number of points that they have. This is the simplest option as the customer can then go and choose to redeem the points again when they choose.


For more information, see Yotpo's documentation here: Adjust a Customer's Points Balance


Giving the Customer a Discount in Ordergroove

Within Ordergroove, you can find the customer's upcoming orders and apply a one-time discount to a customer's order. For more information on how to do that, follow our documentation here: Managing Your Customer's Orders | Apply a One-Time Discount to an Order (Beta)