Churn Email

The Churn Email function within the Anticipate AI feature enables Ordergroove to send an email on your behalf to customers of yours that are determined to be at a high risk of churning in the event of overstock or out-of-stock issues.

To enable the Churn Email...

  • In your Ordergroove Admin, navigate to the Anticipate AI tab.
  • Toggle the Churn Email Settings to on, and select when and how many emails are sent in the newly visible dropdowns. For new merchants, the following defaults are advised

When Churn Emails have been enabled, you may customize various options regarding how your customers are contacted.

  • Churn Email Scheduling: Programming this option will set the time period prior to the subscription order date that the Churn Email will be sent to high-risk customers.
  • Churn Email Volume: Programming this option will set what percent volume of your high-risk customers will be contacted by Ordergroove in the Churn Email protocol.


  • Skip & Delay Order Link: Enabling this option will allow for having Skip and Delay action buttons in the Churn Email itself, and allow for programming the number of days you wish for orders to be delayed when the Delay button is clicked by a customer.
  • URL Redirect: The destination URL that you wish for customers to be directed to once they have clicked a one-click action button in the Churn Email.


To continue adding One-Click Actions to your Churn Emails after enabling the Skip & Delay Order Link above, click here



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