Alpha & Beta Program

Ordergroove's Alpha & Beta Program is designed as a mutually beneficial relationship for Ordergroove and our valued merchants. Ordergroove benefits by gathering early feedback regarding new merchant features, services, and experiences before they are generally available to all merchants, while merchants benefit by gaining early access to features. 


Alpha Program

Alpha Programs are typically very small (approximately 3-5 total merchants) and are usually done by invite only.  For each Alpha, very specific criteria and qualifications are outlined to ensure that Ordergroove and the Alpha merchant are aligned on the goals, intended impact, and learnings of the alpha.  If a feature meets all of the Alpha goals, it graduates to a Beta program.  


Beta Program

Beta Programs are opened up to more merchants (approximately 5+ merchants). Our goal with the Beta program is to enrich the Alpha program with more functionality while utilizing Beta merchant feedback to tackle any issues that might arise so that we can mitigate problems as quickly as possible.  Once a feature is deemed valuable and viable to go to market, it graduates from Beta to General Availability, where it will be made available to all merchants. 

Note: Beta features will more than likely contain a number of known or unknown bugs and will generally have more bugs than a general release feature that has been rolled out to all merchants. Ordergroove recommends that you initially test an Alpha or Beta feature in a development environment or on a small segment of customers whenever possible.



By working with Ordergroove in the Alpha & Beta Program, merchants can test-drive upcoming Ordergroove features that will allow them to do better business and receive notable benefits.

  • Early access to new Ordergroove functionality
  • Hands-on support from the Ordergroove Product team
  • Direct influence on the development of Ordergroove products
  • Free or discounted feature pricing upon release


The Ordergroove Alpha & Beta Invitation program is available per feature and restricted to merchants that Ordergroove invites to provide feedback for the associated feature.  The merchant qualification criteria for both Alpha and Beta are determined by the Ordergroove product team and vary per feature. 



Accepting an invitation to an Alpha or Beta Program in Ordergroove is the best way to have a voice in the future development of Ordergroove features. While in Beta, features are constantly updated with new iterations up until release and beyond.
We actively encourage all Alpha and Beta testers to share their thoughts and suggestions for all usability and functionality concerns by sharing their experiences with us.