Find Who You Missed: Compare Original Migration Files To Success Files (Alpha)

Note: This product is in Alpha, which means it may change frequently and it is possible that your unique file will cause errors. Be aware and check the files it produces and reach out to Ordergroove Support if there are any issues.

This tool can help you find which subscribers did not get migrated during the Ordergroove migration process:

  • Gather the original migration file you used, which has all of the subscribers in it that you wanted to migrate. You can choose multiple files if necessary.
  • Select this file(s) by clicking on the 'Original Files' button below.
  • Go to the migration tool in Ordergroove and download all of the success files from your live migration runs.
  • Select these files by clicking on the Success Files button below
  • Once you've made both selections, the process will start. Very large files may take some time to process through the system. If you have very large files it may take a few minutes to kick-off


Missing Subscribers: