How To Do A Live Migration

Make sure you've covered everything in this checklist before you move forward with the live migration.  If you haven't gone through the testing process please do that first.

  • Visit the Migrations section of Ordergroove, found under the person icon in the top navigation, Developers > Migrations 
  • If not already selected, click on the Test Run tab
  • Click the Upload button and select your migration file
  • You will now see your file — partially, if not fully, renamed — in the activity table with a status of "In Progress..."


  • When the test is done, the status will change to "Complete" and you'll be able to download the three output files.

    • Unprocessed: Includes all records formatted incorrectly 
    • Errors: Includes all records with invalid data according to our test run validation process. Read more here.
    • Successful:  Includes all records ready for the live migration.

  • Repeat the above process with any errors you're able to fix.