Handling ReCharge Discount Bundling

ReCharge may have bundled your recurring discounts into the subscription's base price. If you migrate those subscriptions as is (without taking any measures below) - the subscriber will get the program discount on top of the price coming out of ReCharge. If you've checked your data and found this to be true you have a few options to fix your data before migration.

  • Option 1: Undo The Discounts
    Return the product prices to what they were the last time the products were synced in ReCharge by setting your discounts to 0%:
    • After you've turned off ReCharge and before you do your final data extraction and transform...
    • In your ReCharge admin select Rulesets > Rulesets from the top navigation.
    • Click each ruleset/discount that must be unbundled 
    • Scroll to the Discounts section
    • Set that to 0%, but leave the checkbox checked next to "Yes, I'd like to offer a discount"


    • Click the Save button. It may take a few minutes to propagate. Check that the prices of the ReCharge 'Auto Renew' version of your products have changed price. If not, repeat step 5 at least one more time. 
  • Option 2: No Incentive For Migrated Subscriptions
    If you're interested in this option please open up a ticket with a support representative. This option may require work and/or costs.